Electric Truck

Looking at one of these.
Miles ZX40 ST, Plug-In Electric Truck .

Any thoughts or info?
It’s a couple hundred miles away.

72v new agms. 10 hp ac motor.

It’s an orphan, the company went belly up in 2013.

Yes, it’s a left over demo.

Can never have to many EVs.

What about spare parts - would this be a problem?

Don’t think so this truck was built so good it will never need any service.:smiley:

The dealer say’s:

"Small-town use his ideal. I have the complete owners and service manuals in electronic format. It uses a Curtis Controller, Delta Q Charger, Fall River batteries, etc. The majority of the braking his regenerative, so the friction breaks get very little use. The rolling chassis was brought in from China but the electronic conversion was done in the USA. Well it has a heater and AC I rarely use either. "

My gem may be sold…:frowning: :frowning:

Truck guy is getting desperate. Won’t let him plug it in at his apt.


I may have to go look.

Nah Get something you can get parts for.

Where’s the fun in that? :smiley:

New set of these in July.

2/3 the value of the deal.

A guy at work has a miles car. I forget what the name is ,but he can’t find brush holder for the motor that’s in it

This on is ac drive.
He claims parts are available.
I’m on the fence.
Ask him what value he places on it.

Picture of motor and closeup of brush holder might stir the pot

Another picture. Sides fold down for flatbed.

[quote=Inwo;27299]This on is ac drive.
He claims parts are available.
I’m on the fence.
Ask him what value he places on it.[/quote]

He told me he paid $2000 for it and this has been two years ago. And I don’t remember the year of it

Have we got 2 things going here? Inwo is pondering a truck and Gene wants brush holder info. Gene how about you break out the motor repair problem into a new thread

Lol no I was just saying about where u was talking about hard to get parts for the truck my friend can’t get parts for his miles car is all

It’s ok with me to keep it here.

Kind of the information I’m looking for.

The seller just told me he has a 2009 wagon without batteries that he may throw in.

I don’t know if all the 2009s were ac. If it is I want it. Lots of good parts. I’d be set for life.

I always fall in love and pay to much. That’s why I didn’t answer the “price” thread.

Inwo… I found an ex-dealer of Miles cars… I’m sending him the link and he will come here and weigh in on the Miles for you… Friday was his birthday so don’t type to loud… his name id Leo Hinojosa… he’s from Texas