Miles ZX40s-Advanced Design

My latest project.
Curtis 96v ac drive.
This is a real imported mini-truck.

Batteries in box for testing. I’m not able to get them under the bed where they belong.
In any case, I hope to sell it without batteries.

MVC-001F MVC-002F

An all-electric kei truck clone?

That’s cool as ■■■■. You are now officially my hero Dave.


Rear wheel. It has original trans and drive line.
I wonder what trans and if I can select another gear or neutral.
Drive shaft was removed when I got it. For pushing it around I guess.

No longer for sale. This is a sweet truck. Sporty as heck, 35mph stock.MVC-005F

Lol. I can’t say I blame you.

And with the cover:

Love the generator in the back.

Too bad your so far I’d love to take it for a spin.

That’s how I tested it. Hybrid style.

You can fly in to LaCrosse or Rochester!

Ok watch out cause I don’t have to work every day. I’m adding a visit to my hit list. I’ll be your helper for a day.

My day is napping and drinking beer, but I start early and work late.

LoL :joy: you are a busy body

I’ll fly you in next time kc comes to see me.

That would be fun. Let me know. Lots to learn.