Looking for double wishbone donor

Hello all,
I am building a reverse EV trike. I have a Goldwing rear assembly and am looking for a tubular double wishbone front end. I have been hoping to find one from a popular production model so that it is easy to find or duplicate for future projects, as well as having readily available parts.

I believe that pre-1985 Supras and post-1996 Supras had the double wishbone, but have not been able to find any available (and still need to locate some Supras of those years just to verify the design).

Do any of y’all know of any popular models that use a tubular double wishbone? I’m planning to do an Indy style front design so I don’t want to use the deep stamped type like the small pickups, etc because of wind drag.

Don B.

Update note: I looked at Toyota Supra suspension and it would work, but fairly hard to find and VERY expensive for new parts. Acura Integra had double wishbone, but the top arm sets above wheel height, which I don’t want. Then, I got to looking at my test platform chassis from a Chevy S10, and the steering knuckle will work, along with the top wishbone mounting hardware. I will have to fabricate the wishbones. I found a good chassis design book on Amazon and looks like a learning curve, but worth the time.