Looking for some disc brakes

I’m quite familiar with the disk brake kit NEV Accesories sells. They are great kids but from what I was told by Roger the owner they are out of stock and have kids for another year. I was wondering another source for these the car is a 02


Sorry to revive an old message but NEV is out of kits, maybe next month.

I found @grantwest good description of adding the kit (I have done one already) but thought I saw someone who listed after market parts for disc conversion but can’t find.

Any one have a parts list? I can make a bow tie mount (especially if someone has a pattern to share :grin:). Just need specs on hub, disc and calipers.

2002 e825.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people in this community!

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Is this is the thread you were thinking of?


Thanks that was it. Confused over “disk” or “disc” brakes.

Ha, didn’t notice that but explains why I struck out on my first search attempt as well. I recalled Rodney questioned the “brake bias” and that found the thread.

Wow, parts w/o hub and lines are like $150 at Rock Auto.

Of course @Dirtman mentioned some machine work on discs, wonder if the hubs NEV accessories lists would work without extra machine time. I have access to a machine shop but the old time v money equation is also forefront.


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Yea parts on rock auto way cheaper then I spent. So that being said you need

1997 Acura Integra parts the GS model. I found the inside of the front rotor was large enough to fit the outside of the Gem hub. You will have to machine the center hole of the rotor to fit the hub. Let me know if you would like to talk via a phone call more then happy to help.

Thanks that would be wonderful. Will DM my contacts.

@Reddevil @Dirtman
Looking at doing this. Did you manage to machine the adapters? If so, would you mind making another (I’ll pay, of course).

Thank you.

So far haven’t pulled the trigger. The NEV calipers are different than what @Dirtman spec’d and use only a 1/4” rather than a 1” plate adapter. I was thinking of trying to match their caliper (have them on other GEM) with something at a parts store but not yet floated to the top of my to do list yet. Once I have a solution will let you know. Also want to give a shoutout to @Dirtman for speaking with me in detail on his great setup.

In the OVER KILL category. I have seen BREMBO brand calipers and rotors on Craig’s list for as low as $400 for a set of 4 front and rear calipers. BREMBO rotors are $80 each new. So for $800 or less you could have a F-1 gem car. It would be cool if you could find a common caliper and machine the bow tie and make it available for other to try this upgrade

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10-4. I need to upgrade brakes, as I’m looking to upgrade the motor, so on and so forth, and not really wanting to spend $600-800 for the name brand kit. I spent that much on my Scout 800 front discs…Please post updates if you do move along to on this?

If I remember correctly the NEV kit was vw based. Maybe rabbit? (Golf). I put them on my last gem and needed some missing parts. I’m pretty sure vw stuff fit. Will still need the custom bow tie or adapter bracket to center the caliper.

Has anyone cross referenced Polaris (ATV, side by side) calipers for parts?

My 2014 uses Polaris parts. I just got new pads and rotors. Used Polaris part numbers.

Well, NEV called with kits in stock, offered a discount so I bit… said keeping the brake shoes and returning the rest for $100 core charge is OK.

Will post some images of the kit once I get ready to install, if weather is good, over the holidays.

Hey just a heads up. The inside of the rotors and exterior of the calipers and the adaptors need to be painted b4 you install. If you don’t mind the various parts with surface rust no big deal install away. But just wanted to give you a heads up, also install thread locker on the bolts that hold the hub to the spindle or it will come loose and create a clunking in a few weeks/months

Thanks Grant, I installed on our 4 seater a few years ago and didn’t paint anything. Was considering painting the Dog Bones on new one, am guessing the load isn’t much on a Gem and parts don’t heat up enough to require a hi temp paint.