Disc brake installation tips?

Hey I got my disc brake conversion kit from an NEV accessories. I was going to tackle the project this weekend and wondered if anyone had any tips or advice before I got started like special tools I might need to complete or make the job easier. The kit they shipped to me did not come with instructions and some miscellaneous parts (hubs) so without seeing the instructions and or the hubs I don’t know how big or small of a project this is going to be and was hoping to get some insight from people with some knowledge thanks in advance here is a picture of my kit so far

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I did the same and it went smoothly even without instructions. Standard hand tools and common sense was all it required. You’ll have to “bust” off the nut holding the old brakes and hubs on the spindle and that took a big socket, a breaker bar and some “persuasion” but it’s really not that complex. Once you get that off, the rest is easy.

I bought a floor jack since you have to get the wheel off the ground at some point and it’s not easy with a scissors jack though I’ve used that too. A floor jack is much easier and safer.

Took me about 2 1/2 hrs (most of the time spent in doing the 1st side; the other side is a lot easier when you know what you’re doing!). That’s not including bleeding the brake lines (a two man job unless you’ve got a vacuum bleeder). Probably could do the whole job in an hour and half now that I know how.

About the only gotcha was the lug bolts on the replacement disk brakes are 12 mm and the stock lugs on my 2001 E825 were 10mm. :cool: I had to get replacement 12mm tuner nuts - I have custom wheels that require tuner nuts rather than standard wheel nuts. That was a bummer since I couldn’t put it back together until the larger nuts arrived from NEV Accessories.

Very happy with the results. :slight_smile: Stops much better with more precision. I ended up donating the old drum brakes to a fellow in this group who was doing a brake job on his GEM and didn’t want to go with disc brakes.

Good luck and have fun!


Ar; thanks for the reply. Did you have any problems removing the Hubs from the Hun assembly. I was told that they were pressed in from the factory and need’d to be pressed back in? Did you have or need any special tools?

Was their a break in period for the pads to wear into the disks? I have heard it’s not uncommon to have poor break performance at first and when the pads set in you get better breaking,

The kit I got from NEV accessories came with everything I needed and FROM MEMORY looked just like your picture. I just pulled off the old drums assembly in one piece including hoses and set them aside. The big nut on the end of the spindle is the only significant item keeping everything in place once you pull the wheels. Didn’t need to so didn’t even bother to pull the drums off the old brake assembly. I then fitted the new discs, calipers and hoses on the existing hub with existing wheel bearing; no pressing on or off was necessary. The bow tie looking pieces are used to mount the calipers by the way.

And yes it took a few weeks of use to maximize the braking of the new pads on the disc brakes but once that was done, they work great.

Incidentally the finish casting of the calipers was a bit “rough” compared to parts I’m used to seeing but the machined parts/sides were fine.

The hubs and spindles (what has the lugs) is what I’m missing

Were they going to ship the hubs to you? I assume they were backordered? Did they provide any explanation for why there weren’t included?

They apparently shipped mine with hubs since the new studs were 12mm rather than the stock 10mm. I don’t know if you could re-use the existing hubs or not so can’t advise you on that. I never bothered looking at it that closely.

Ar; they were going to ship my hubs. They should be here tomarrow. When I opened up the box to take inventory and noticed I was light a few parts. I called NEV accessories and let them know I’m missing parts. He just said “some one forgot to put them in the box”

Great! You should be good to go.