Disk brake conversion How To

Here is a video of me doing a Disk Brake conversion on a Buddy’s 1999 Gem. This is the Kit that Nevaccessories.Com sells. I think the kit was around $680 and requires you to send in some of your Original parts as a refund/core charge. Hey please do me a favor. If the video helps you please give me a Like & Subscribe

Then the next step is to remove the drum assembly. This can be done very easy. Remove the 4 13mm bolts at the back of the drum. You will need a socket and ratchet. Once the 4 bolts are out the entire drum assembly can be taken off. You will also need to disconnect the brake line.

The picture shows the drum assembly taken all apart but you can skip that and remove the whole unit as one piece

Next step is to bolt the New hub to the spindle.
The kit comes with 4 short bolts and 4 long ones.
The short ones go in the back (they are the ones that have the lock nuts on them) the longer bolts go up front and attach the disk brake mount.

Next step is to attach the caliper mount. The larger radius mounts flush with the hub. The threaded holes are what the Caliper bolts to

Next step is to put the disk on the hub. Throw it on and use the supplied lug nuts to hold it in place they only need to be hand tight.
Then Mount the caliper. I used some blue lock tight on the bolts holding the caliper on.

The next step is to attach the brake lines and bleed the brakes and then take it for a test ride

I assume this is the kit from NEV Accessories?

Thanks for posting this step-by-step how-to. I’m sure others will find it very useful.


I’m sorry I should have included more information about the kit.
Yes the kit is from NEV accessories. Com
It was $580 shipped. I don’t see the kit listed on their website. I placed a call to them and placed my order with them.

They don’t list it on their website since it’s sold only when “parts available”. If you email or call them, they check their inventory and if parts are available to put together a “kit”, they sell it. If not, they don’t.

I get the sense that the big obstacle were the “bowtie” shaped caliper mounts made from plate steel. I suspect these are made for them locally in a machine shop on a small batch basis. I called to order a kit last year and they weren’t available as they were missing that item. They didn’t know when they would get more. A couple of weeks later they called me back to say they found some in their inventory after all when they were cleaning up and asked if I was still interested. I was and they shipped the kit to me.

AR; yes I had the same experience. I wanted to order 2 kits.1 for me and one for the Family gem. They only had parts for 1 kit and they said they were missing Hardware! And as soon as they had the missing Hardwear they could put together another kit. That worked out for me. I got to “learn” how to install them, so now when the other kit comes in we should be able to do it pretty quick. I hope they come in some time after Christmas

Thanks for posting pics of your conversion. I have 2001 gem 4 seat and Not impressed with stopping power.

Any latest news on the kit availability? How hard is it really?

Not hard at all if you have basic mechanical skills and the proper hand tools. Maybe three hours from start to finish. Makes a big difference in whoa-power once you get everything broken in. IMO, it’s an essential upgrade if you have a bigger motor and/or reprogrammed controller. Can’t imagine stopping a 4 seater w/ a full load from 35MPH w/ the original brakes.

Shame the kits aren’t kept “in stock” but I’m sure the sales of disk brake kits is pretty slow as the older models age out of the GEM universe and/or get converted to disk brakes. The newer models come factory equipped w/ disks now so not much of a market and NEV Accessories probably doesn’t want to tie up $$ in inventory for something they only sell a few times a year. But give them a call and let them know you’re interested.


I agree with Ar give NEV acessories a call. Tell them you want a kit. Mabey if they had more demand they would keep them in stock.

grant west
It looks like the pictures to your disk brake conversion are missing. Would you mind sending them again

Thank you

@grantwest, thanks for your instructions that help supplement what came with the kit from NEV. I have a question for you or anyone else who successfully converted to disc brakes. I got the kit for my 2002 e825 and am stuck at the part where you mount the new caliper assembly. With the rotor between the pads, no matter what I do I simply can’t get enough clearance to get the caliper assembly over the mounting plate so I can bolt it down. If I try it the other way, getting the assembly over the mounting plate first, the inboard pad doesn’t clear the rotor. I’m hesitant to mess with the caliper slide pins and try to gain some extra clearance, but is that the solution?


I did the mod on my 2001 e825, best addition yet. Mine went together effortlessly. Can you send any pictures of the problem?

@Reddevil, I went out to take some photos and figured it out! While the inboard pads appeared to be correctly on their tracks, it turned out that they were ever so sightly off, just enough to prevent me from simultaneously getting the caliper assembly over the mounting place and the rotor between the pads. Guess it took a good night’s sleep to work off yesterday’s frustration and clear the mind. Unfortunately not enough time to bleed the brakes, so I’ll have to wait until next weekend to finish the job. Thanks for responding!

@grantwest Any chance you still have the images available for this conversion? Either way, thanks for all your great comments and videos!

Here is the Video of it.

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