Disc brakes

Looking for peoples opinion if it is worthwhile adding front disc brakes to a 2001 GEM Car. I have replaced the rear wheel cylinders and rough up the pads and drums and it is still very hard to brake especially going down hill. NEV accessories is out of stock of the front wheel cylinders until sometime this month. Should I try replacing the front wheel cylinders when they are available or just buy the disc brake conversion kit. It is a bit expensive but if it makes a big difference then it may be worth it. Looking for opinions

If you are in the hills Disc Brakes are a must.

You can get cylinder repair kits for the front but not the back brakes.

Nevs has been getting front wheel cylinders “next month” since November


Disk brakes are superior to drum brakes in every way. If you are not experienced then it would be best to find a reputable licensed mechanic to do the job for you. Good brakes are number one important so first thing I do when I start fixing up a car is do the brakes. Just as important is doing them right. If you have a hard peddle and the brakes do not work good then it is likely that the shoes pads and drums are glazed. This can happen from over heating and or oil, grease or brake fluid getting in the shoes. Ruffing them up will not fix it.

Been there and done that. Yes to disc brakes. NEV Accessories sells a kit with very basic instructions. Reasonable mechanical skills with hand tools and a few hours of work makes a significant difference. A MUST HAVE upgrade if you’ve done any performance mods. Took a few miles to break in the discs but well worth it.

Thank you for the opinions. I have ordered the kit.

Here is a link to my Disk Brake install.

Like others have said the install if pretty straight forward. Make sure you use Lock Tight on the Bolts that hold the bow tie caliper adaptor on. Other wise you will have to re-tighten it soon after. Make sure the bolts are Nice and Tight. If the kit does not come with grade 8 bolts I would upgrade to grade 8

Thanks for the step by step Gwest

Adding disc brakes to my 2002 e825 made all the difference. It went from that “hair up on the back of your neck” feeling it wouldn’t stop in time to “stopping on a dime” each and every time.

Personally I would not drive a GEM without disc brakes.

I agree with you 100% NEV acessories has them on sale now