Chevy S10 conversion - V6 okay?

Hi everyone.

I’m new to this forum but was hoping to get some opinions about a conversion I’d like to do. The donor vehicle is a 1985 Chevy S10. I’ve read that these are popular conversions so that gives me some reassurance. What I’m wondering about though is the fact that this vehicle is a 6-cylinder.

Does anyone know if the 6-cyl. S10’s are any heavier without the engine? In other words, do manufacturers usually beef up suspension and transmission to handle the more powerful/heavier engine?

It’s in great shape and the price is a steal. The only thing that’s keeping me from buying the rig is this engine dilemma. Can anyone give me some advice?



Vehicle minus engine and trans weight should be the same across the board for the s10. You may even be ahead of the game since the springs will likely be a higher rate. Also, you may end up having a higher rear end gear ratio so I’d say go for it. If your not comfy with the deal get an old Datsun 510! You can then mod the suspension and make it handle the extra weight better.


Ya i agreee, the only differences would be the tranny, and if you are using the old tranny make sure it is stick shift.

Thanks guys.

So what I’m hearing is: don’t fear the extra weight that the 6 cyl. model might include. But won’t extra weight affect performance and range?

Oh and yes, the old tranny is a manual. What did you mean about higher rear-end gear ratios being more favorable to conversions?

The gear ratio in the rear will be a moo point. It just might mean that you only use gears 3 and 4 or it might mean you use gears 1 and 2. The only thing that having different gearing in the rear would effect is which two gears you use. If any extra weight is included it will be very minimal and might change your range by 2% if even noticable.