10 gears and 22” tires. Should I get a new trans? Wanna swap?

I need to finish debugging my ac conversion with @MikeKC and @Inwo so I dont want to muddy the waters, but I think for a 4 seater gem in a 25mph neighborhood with big ass meats I need to gear down. I want mega fast acceleration with less of a focus on top speed due to my situation. I suspect there might be people that want more top speed and less eye watering acceleration, so if there is anybody out there that might be in the opposite situation as me I’d be willing to do a swap. Shipping will suck, but I’d rather do a swap than buy one from somebody and sit on the old one.

Shipping won’t be too bad for what it is. I bought a 10.35 from Mike (LithiumGods) about 3 months ago and shipping across the country from Florida to NorCal was a bit less than $50.

On another note, after talking with Dave and Mike recently, I was about 85% there that putting that 10.35 in the eL with the 8kw motor might not be a good idea anymore, so this kind of seals that deal for me.

Am I understand this correct. I’m assuming you have a 12:44 and your looking to switch to 10:35?

If so

I think a 10:35 with 22’s and a 8kw AC motor on flat level ground would be a great transmission/combo all around.

Too fast…

Sorry about my clarity, no I have it the other way around. I have 10:35 and want to explore getting into 12:44. I want more acceleration and less top speed. Right now with the new A/C motor I haven’t been able to find the top speed yet. I run out of road and guts past 50. I’d like a little more ooomf on launch too.
We are still in the programming phase though, so we might be able to tune it down.

We can tune it down, just waiting for the final voltages…

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The 12:44 Should Definitely help you with your LAUNCH!
I have a 12:44 in my 2017 & I know my programming is not Ideal for hill starts. It slowly feeds or ramps in Amperage to help NOT waste battery power the upside is a great efficacy the down side is, if you stop on a very steep hill with 4 people in your car your not gonna get going. I know this is a programming issue that just needs to be worked out. I have just been driving the car in a manner NOT to stop on a steep hill and if I do I do it in a place where I can get a rollling start

As @grantwest says that is true with the Tune he has (there are others), be aware no one has hills like Grant. :slight_smile: in the SanFan area.

The tune is real strange. When stopped on a steep hill the controller will not feed they type of amperage to the motor untill the motor is spinning a certain RPM.

Example the motor has gobs of power and tones of torque,BUT it’s like the controller is programmed to only feed Heavy current to the motor Only after its turning Let’s say 1 thousand RPM. So if your stoped on a hill and you go to drop your foot on the throttle the car will stay parked and Barely move forward and the Amp gauge will show the controller is only feeding 20 amps to the car. If you were to Let’s say “get out and push“ and get the car moving forward the controller wakes up and give you 300 amps and away you go. We have made some tweaks and it’s gotten better, but if you were driving it on a steep city hill and got stopped by a red light getting going again could be a problem. I have not tuned that part out of the controller cause I just don’t have thoes driving conditions but it should get tuned out

I like the hill hold and other things about the “Zone” program and am reluctant to make random changes.
The same file is in my Anvil, but I can’t duplicate the hill and load. Works near perfect for me.
I have D1 tuned to 80% torque and 35mph limits.