Differential swap

I live in Georgia where the hills are pretty steep and with my 7.5 motor and the 14 inch wheels I am having motor controller over heat problems. Rodney told me that if I got a lower gear diff I would lose some speed but have better climbing potential and that might help my overheat problem. Are there any of you flatland people that want a lot more speed but are stuck with a low gear diff that you may want to swap for my high speed diff? I do not know what is involved, is it just a ring and pinion swap or the whole thing. I also have not found out what my diff is. I looked for the label on it but have not located it yet. It came in a 2002 3.5 hp, E285. Maybe someone on here will help us out. I also have a good 3.5 hp OEM motor that I took out when I got the 7.5 motor that I would like to sell to someone who might need it. It is just sitting in my garage and is of no use to me.


Early 2002’s had a 3.5 HP Motor and 8.9 gears Mid model year they went to 5HP and 10.35 Gear box.

An 8.9 is optimal for flat ground. You probably have a 40 MPH+ Machine. The little hot rod puppy must fly.

A good 8.9 is VERY desirable for a lot of people. I have one in mine with a R4F 7.5 HP motor.

One other downside is that a T1 controller is much more sensitive to heat than a T2.

For your application a 12.44 wil make a climber out of it. How ever prudence would be to limit your speed to 35 MPH


The GEM guy has a used diff from a 2002 4 seater for sale. Does anyone know what it’s ratio would be?

Early 2002 is 8.9 mid year up is 10.35

Thanks Rodney. I’ll as him what the time of manufacture is. He also has a T2 controller for $50 but says it is not returnable. I asked him if it was rebuild-able but he hasn’t responded yet.


If it’s a late 2002 it’s a 10.35. Not much of a difference from an 8.9. I have a set of gears to convert an 8.9 to a 10.35 for a hundred bucks. Whats the story on the T2