Over heating motor

Hi friends
I have a 1999 e2 Gem car
I change the motor 3.5HP for a 5hp GE and the gears for others I purchase to Marlon like 3 years ago to go fast.
Now I have disconnected the speed because I go like 5mph and it read 30mph and jump and don’t go fast, with the speed disconnected it go fast but I don’t know what speed it and I notice and smell like burning wire and it the cable that go to the motor and the motor it hot too but before it melt the one that it on the swish on/off
can somebody help me? please
Thank You

I had the same problem, I too upgraded the engine and the gears. It smelled like my motor was over heating however it was the Controller that was too hot, I was going to install a fan but decided to go the Reprograming route again. After reprogramming multiple times with Marlin, We finally figured out one of the settings on the reprogramming was to high. After turning it down I have gone two years now traveling 38 MPH which if find is fast enough, has cured the problem. I will give you my programming settings if you would like. Just send me a Note.



Thank You Tyson
send me your setting but I need to program the controller but I don’t have the programmer how can I get one (Lender or rental)
Thanks again

I sent you a PM let me know if you received it

Sorry man. I don’t even understand how to use the site that well lol. How do I even get to pm.

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Typically when you Overheat somthing you get a error code on the Dash -41

Sounds like your car has a T-1 controller. They are notorious for not being able to handle the extra current a higher HP motor can place on a car.

You said you have “High Speed gears” what gears would those be. Your car should have had a 9:8 transmission and gears and 9:8 is the high speed gears so if you could expand on that it would help.

All things effect a car overheating.

Tire and wheel size;
And how you drive. Example I have found that low speed cruzing up hill heats up the motor then fast flat wide open.

We could use more info to better help you chase down your problem.

My initial thought are your T-1 needs a rebuild and upgrade to a $500 T-2 controller. But b4 we go down that road give us some more details

I’m trying to figure out if I need to mess with finding someone that can reprogram my 2005 gem controller or get a newer one that can be reprogramed. My 7.5 motor was made 12/09. Seems to run fine other than getting very very warm/hot after running for 5 miles. So I’m not sure if I need a controller fix or a new motor. Let me know what you guys think.

Programmer is not super expensive, and you can use it on all your buddies cars.
$150 with usb and software.
Did you say that you had a spare motor? Could try that.

I heard you can’t reprogram the 2005. I also have a stock 5.0 gem motor but it’s real ugly and smells burnt.

You can reprogram a T3.
I guess it doesn’t have as many settings as T4.
You can also monitor and graph motor draw.

Mike was saying he had extra T4. He might sell one. kinghappy

Wait who’s issue are we trying to figure out? The Orignal poster TIMOTI or Troy’s

Sorry, I got side tracked, looking at new posts.:blush:

Both. I noticed my motor was super hot. And someone said it can also be a program issue. IDK

Do we have to make a whole new post to ask for input on the same issues. Im not a forum pro?

Sorry Timoti. I’ll start a new one for my heat issue.

Thanks for the input Mr. Grant let’s all keep sharing and helping, I do it for for a living. Ha!!

The Orignal poster of this thread TIMOTI Has 1999 Gem a T-1 with a 5hp Motor and 9:8 gears. Although you may be having the same Overheat issues as TIMOTI The fix is difffrent for one Vs the other.

Thank You Mr. Grantwest. My gears now are 12.something and yes I have a 5.0 HP motor with a T1 controller and 12” wheels, always flat terrain. And I purchase a handheld with 3 connectors but any of them fit my controller, what it wrong?

The plug you show in your photo is the wrong plug for programming. The plug used for programming Is the small 8 pin plug that goes to you dash display. Your Fat fingers are blocking it (in the photo) LOL

Inwo is correct. You need the cable the plugs into the lX handheld and then into the smaller 12 pin on your T-1 if you don’t have a cable Inwo has them he can hook you up with one

#2 the 12:44 gears are the Lower or (easy’r gears) and will give you higher Rpms. If your running 12:44 gears and small wheels, it’s possible your over spinning the motor.

Originally your car would have come with the small 12 inch wheels and the high gears 9:8 and a 3 hp motor. It’s very common for people to throw bigger wheels on the older cars with the 9:8 and the have Overheat issues.

Your motor should not have any problems spinning or turning those small wheels. The only thing I would be worried about is high RPMs that would be to high.in my opinion

Gear ratio is a setting that you program into the LX handheld programmer. You need to program the correct gear raitio in order for your speed to be accurate. You also need to program the overall wheel size. These 2 number “gear ratio and overall wheel size” make a formula that gives you a number enter into the programmer. This could be part of your issue

Let me ask a question: I’m assuming you never went in and re programed your T-1 I’m assuming your T-1 has the stock settings correct?

If that’s the case that your controller is set at stock configuration, it’s possible that your T-1 is just old and needs a rebuild. In that case I would upgrade and switch over to the T-2 controller.

You never said if you were getting a code -41 on your dash.

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