Need a differential 10.35:1

Does anyone have a used but not with too many miles differential they are willing to sell with a gear ratio of 10.35:1. I have a 2001 GEM with a 7HP upgraded motor, i mostly drive on flat land at beach or gradual low grade hills. I am in San Diego, Pacific Beach. Thanks.

I’m in California. I have a 10:35:1 transmission. I pulled it apart to rebuild it just for the experience. problem is I never got back around to rebuilding it. If your Intrested in it I could put it back on the the do list. PM me if your Intrested.
Here is a video I took of how they come apart. This is the transmission I have


PS. If your a flat lander I also have a 9:8:1 gear set BRAND new so if your looking for a high speed set up that’s also a option

Thanks, Gwest. I actually just got in contact with someone down here in San Diego that will be checking this weekend about whether he has the correct one. I will let you know either way, thank you again for responding. I don’t think the other one will work as I do have a low grade climb up from the beach and when I head home from my house from South to North.

I’m interested if the original poster passes on this,


I should know later this weekend and if he doesn’t have anything the rebuild of the 10.35 would be the best for my car and where I drive. Thanks.

IWho ever needs at dif. And is wiling to pay I’m your huckleberry

I live in a hilly area in North GA and have the high-speed differential and would like to swap with someone who has the lower geared unit. Let me know if there is a potential swap out there.

Do you still have the 10:35:1 transmission, if so, how many miles does it have on it? For some reason I can’t get a hold of my source in San Diego and he had it ready for me but he hasn’t returned my calls in over a month now. Summer is coming and I would really like to get my GEM back on the road. are there any other parts I would need besides the differential to replace it? Do I need a bearing possibly? Thanks.

Sorry I sold it and Marlon has gone MIA it’s to bad he was a great guy

Anyone in this group still looking for 10.35:1 differential? I am parting out an '02 and will be pulling the front end apart soon.

I might be Intrested, how much are u asking and where are u located I’m in northern California

He needs a DQ charger.:wink:

i need one . after gwest . price and location

Haha! Like @Inwo says, it’s for a charger fund. But, $200 plus whatever shipping is sound fair?? Came off a 2002 4 seater. Front frame off the cart now, have to pull the hubs and axles then separate from frame assembly. Rather help out those of you on here that have helped me out, before I sell elsewhere. Shipping from 51503 (Council Bluffs Iowa). Not sure what the diff weighs, though. Let me know.

Have a 3.5hp motor, T1 controller plus other misc. items.

Reason I mentioned the charger. I think @grantwest has an extra one. Maybe @LithiumGods too.

I appreciate that! Either through them or you, I will get a charger!