Looking for a good Used Transmision

Hey, Do you have a good used 10:35 Transmission? If so I’m looking for one. The sticker on the transmission should have theses numbers
Spicer 0613-00249

I have a 12:44 transmission If your Intrested.

Cars that had or have a 10:35 Transmission
Start in 2002-2008. But could be other years as well. Best bet is to just check the sticker and then further research can be done to verify it’s gear ratio. Perhaps Rodney could chime in. I know he has a technique to verify gear ratio by jacking the car up and counting reveloutions of the input shaft Vs 1 full rotation of the wheels

Well I guess I couldn’t wait. I found one on EBay and just bought it. $285 shipped.

let me know if the one you bought is not any good. I just bought a a whole car with that part number that I will be parting out

Ok thanks for checking in. I bought it from Anthoney @ East Coast gems, he says he has around 10-15 gems that he parts out. He is a seller on Ebay. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I would hope if the transmission is No Good I would be getting a replacement one for no charge. I’m pretty confident that it will be in good shape. The word around town is most just need a imput shaft and new bearings any fresh oil and your good to go

Hi guys,
i’m looking for a gear box differential as well part no 0613-00249
where could i buy it ?
who knows pls help

Anthoney East Coast Gem’s.
I Bought a 10:35 from him it was like $300 delivered here is his phone # (845) 591-4974

BTW: getting a “Good Used Transmission” can be a tricky. Example Anthoney at East Coast gems says he has a Bone yard full of older broken down gems, when you order a transmission he go’s out to the bone yard and has a guy pull one out of a car. Who knows how many miles are on the transmission or weather the transmission was noisy because they cars were either dead or not driving. Anthoney is a good seller and he will stand by his stuff. Most transmissions I have come across are fine. But I would highly recommend installing a New imput shaft & bearing and seals. Rodney sells a kit with everything you need for I think $200 so you should add that cost onto the new transmission you buy