2000 E 825 transaxle

I need to replace this unit. What is the best way to get the old one off?

Download the GEM repair manual. Procedure is in section 3.

What exactly is wrong with the transaxle? There are repair parts available.


Thanks for the get-back. Where is a good place top get the manual?

Thanks for the reply. The gearbox is making a horrible grinding noise, and has gotten worse. A while back, a chunk of metal got wedged in the gears and the cart came to an abrupt halt. A mechanic took out the metal and it ran ok for about six months. Now, this grinding sound. I got a gearbox off a 2000 Gem utility. I wonder if the ratios are the same?

I know of three different ratios on the older models. I imagine newer GEMs have still more ratios. The ratio is identified by a tag on the gearbox.

10.35/1, 12.44/1, 14.76/1

Before Polaris, I remember calling GEM with a serial number, and they would give me the ratio for that exact vehicle. The case used on 2005 and newer is different. Is is possible that some inner parts will interchange.


Turns out the gearbox was ok. It was the motor bearing on the speed sensor end. Disintegrated, but motor tried to spin despite the damage. Can these 3.5 GE’s be fixed. No damage to armature brushes, or coils ,etc. P.S. extra gearbox for sale, $200.00, from a 2000 E-2.

What is the ratio on the box you have for sale? whats your location?

The bearing you will need is 6203 double sealed, McMaster number 6661K104. That fits the commutator end of motors prior to 2005.


No ratio tag on gearbox, but numbers on spicer tag are PO-03-25570. 012AS100 2. 02-23-2000. 01 2B. S/N 911823. From a 2000 E-825 Utility short-bed. In Surprise, AZ.

The local GEM dealer says the motor is junk, and wants to sell me a new one for $857! Can I just replace the commutator end bearing, and speed magnet? No other internal damage.

If I were going to replace the motor, I’d use one of the 3rd party motors available from Ride-4-Fun or Marlon instead. Save money AND have a better unit with more options for power, top speed, etc (w/ additional programming on the controller).

I my dealer replaced my bearing for $20 including the bearing. there are motors on Ebay for $20