GEM Motor/Transaxle change - 5.0 and 7.5

I have two GEMS, both 2005.

One has the original 5.0 hp motor. The other has the 7.5 hp motor and transaxle? …

We are swapping them. Any tips, suggestions or where do I download a 'How to"?

Also, we probably need some new gaskets when we do this. Do we order these from Polaris?

Any info would be much appreciated.


You will need the rubber bumper that goes in the end of each motor. Unhook the batteries. Also, be careful when removing the power wires not to allow the studs to rotate in the motor. If they are rusted, do not force. Instead go inside and remove the other end of each wire at the controller. Once the motor is off, look for oil leaking from the transaxle input bearing. Our 2005 has been bad about this. If oil is inside the motor, it must be taken apart and cleaned. The bearing is not hard to change if needed. Look for worn splines on the input shaft. These are available from Marlon. Drain and refill the oil. Many of us use 80W90 gear oil. There is no drain plug, just tip it to drain.


How do I get in touch with Marlon for parts?


Just for clarification, all motors should be physically interchangeable with all trans axles, so there is no 7.5 or 5 horsepower trans axle. On some models, there may be chassis clearance issues. Early GEMs used a 48 volt motor. All are made by GE, either in the US or China and have 19 female splines. The Club Car Precedent and various Yamaha electrics use the same19 spline interface. I have been told that the Ride for Fun aftermarket motors are made in the US by Regal Beloit.