Spicer gearbox

How do you tell ratio by tag number? PO3-25570 o12AS100 2. 02-23-2000. 7B from a E 825-2. Another from an E-825-2 Utility. PO3-25570. 012AS100 2. 01-28 2000 2A. Thanks.

I was told that Gem had all the info on your car contained in Your vin number . How ever I called GEM or Polaris and they couldn’t give me all the info. Because they didn’t have a full accounting of the older 2000-2001 gems.

If your car had the smaller 10mm lug nuts and the smaller 3.5 hp motor that’s a good indication your car had the 8:1 gears. This is what I have been told by R4F

The gems with the 10:1 gears have a part# 0613-00249 there is a sticker that’s on the top of the gear box drivers side here is a pic of it


A way to tell the ratio is to count the teeth on the input shaft. The 10.35/1 transmission will have 27 teeth on its input shaft. The part number 0613-00249 is for a 10.35/1 transmission.


While we are on the subject of gearboxes. Does anyone have any knowledge of why GEM made three different gearbox gear ratios. I’m what I know there is a 8:1 a 10:1 and a 12:1 the 12:1 seems pretty low just wondering what the reason and or combination. There was diffrent gears.

I know the 8:1 was giving the 3.5 hp motors a work out and they Switched to a larger 5hp . And then shortly later changed the gear ratio to 10:1. Why they came out with the 12:1 ???

I know of four ratios used on the GEMs I have worked on. There are likely more that I am not aware of. The actual (not rounded) gear ratios used are as follows:

8.91/1 (only for early 3.5HP motor)


Wow 14:1 that’s 14 motor revolutions to every 1 tire rotation. That’s pretty crazy when you compare it to the 8:1 8 motor reveloution a to every 1 tire rotation.

That is a lot of reduction. Many of the Cushman vehicles have a 15/1 reduction.


In case this info helps someone else, Shaffer Industries in Fredrickstown OH is Spicer’s current owner.

I reached an Application Engineer who was able to look up my part number and give me gear ratio info. Christopher is at x484 at (740) six nine four two zero double-five.

I’ve attached a pic of my gearbox label part # 012AS100-2. Christopher tells me this is a 8.9:1 gearbox.

Hi All,

Just to add my finding to this thread.

I own a 2005 gem car with a bad motor located 300 miles away. After trying to buy a replacement motor, I was asked about the spline shaft of the transaxle. I did manage to take a picture and here is what I found as I had the armature stuck and did not want to remove it with primitive tools

Spicer 012AS107 1 0613-00249 Label manufactured 6/2005

Called Spicer and this division was sold to Schafer Drive Line in Ohio
The people were friendly and was able to tell me the input spline shaft is 19th teeth ( just lake a transmission car driveshaft style)

I called as Daniel posted in an earlier reply that it had 27 teeth so i had to verify as my part number was the same. no offense :slight_smile:


Please understand the difference between splines and teeth. All GEMs that I am aware of use GE 19 spline motors. The number of teeth on the gears varies by ratio.


guys ) how to find this gear box ?
Part no 0613-00249?
need a shop or seller

Trying to see if this is what I need but can’t find any info
Dana #012CH109 ? Rodney Help?

Part 0613-00249 is (1) 10.35 assembly number I believe their are more

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Found another I can’t find info on.
012CH231 as the 012CH109

These are the #s I have. There are more.

8.9 0613-00011

10.35 0613-00249

12.44 0613-00634 0613-00863

14.76 0613-00582 0613-00873

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Unfortunately when the labels are gone all we have left is what stamped on the motor flange. And since Dana Spicer sold out to Schaefer I doubt this information is available.

how about 2011 e6 with spicer tag on trans 14.76 or 12.44

no tag on trans whatsoever

Easy way to find out what gear raito you have is Take the speed sensor off the motor. It’s located at the End of the motor. And pulls off.
You will see the motor shaft and magnet.

I put a paint pen mark the On the 12:00 o’clock position of the motor magnet.

Then put a mark on your Front passenger side tire at the 6:00 o’clock position. This is how you know you tire has done a full revolution when your tire is back down at the 6:00 position. Push your car forward or backwards slowly and count the number of times you motor makes a full revolution you may need help from a buddy so you can Concentrate on counting the number of revolutions on the motor it’s bins so quickly it’s easy to lose track

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