Dana pinion

Need a NEW input pinion for my Dana/Spicer transmission in my1999 4 passenger. GEM assembly part # 0613 00011


3 1/2 HP unit.

SPICER Model 012AS1002


Need part # price and source information

Would also like a parts drawing. Drawings I come up with are for later model gas with 10.35 or higher gearing.

It will be tough to find a pinion for this old trans axle. Marlon would be my first try. There are some golf cars (Club Car and Yamaha) that used the GE 11 spline setup, but none of the ratios seem close to those used on a GEM.


Marlon tells me it is the same pinion as the 10.35 transaxle. I ordered a set of 10.35 gears today.

looking for a back fender for 2003 gem car

Try Ebay…

If you order the set of both gears, they will interchange.

Pinion was fine. Marlon sent me a set of secondary gears to convert my 8.9 to 10.35. Also installed 5hp Motor. Was still whinny. Added a dose of special additive I have been working on for a year. Happy Happy Happy. Like a different machine.

What was the “secrete sauce”

Gear Whine Reducer