Help identify gear ratio of this Dana transmission

Anyone know what the gear ratio of this transmission should be with out me opening it up? Not sure if it was an e2 or eS as only the frame was left when I picked it up.



Put a mark on the input shaft and the output shafts. Turn the input shaft and count the turns until both output shafts make 1 complete revolution. 1 side may get ahead of the other. Hold the first side that makes a complete revolution until the other side completes its revolution while continuing the input shaft count.

possible ratios. 8.9 - 10.35 - 12.44 - 14.76

That serial number is for a 8.9 to 1. But you cant be 100% sure unless you count the Axel shaft Rev’s.

016-000111= 8.9 to 1 Transmission
0613-00249= 10.35 to 1 Transmission
0613-00643= 12.44 to 1 Transmission. (This has not been Verified) if someone has this Transmission can you verify it please.

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i am going to say its a 8.9/1 but I swear it seems to only be 6-7/1when physically rotated.

Are you sure both shafts completed a rev. as OH suggested?

As it happens, I’m just checking mine now.

My car is together so I’m doing it electronically.

No markings that I can find.

Try and find the sticker located at the highest most inconvenient location.
If you remove the battery tray you should be able to look right down on it

I didn’t remove the tray. Being car is lifted, I can see the top. Nothing there.

I counted tach pulses while rolling tires two turns and came up with 8.75-9 ratio.
So it’s 8.9/1.

INWO; I take it your on completely flat ground. If you are then your good to go carry on. you Have a car with large wheels and Is a 4 seater with the 8:9:1 that’s a tall task for that motor to push that car down the road. You will notice that your car is sensitive to weight or hills that’s because IMO your near the top of the range for your motors ability.
When I first started out I had a 8.9:1 in my car with 17inch wheels I’m in the hills and the problems just started coming. Everything from simply not being able to make it up a steep driveway to code -41 and a overheated controller.

The key is to match the motor with the size wheels you decide to go with and a transmission gear ratio that will complement both. Terrain and pay load also is a part of the equasion. I switched to a 10:35:1 and my car thanked me for it.

No, I’m in hilly area.

14" wheels but only 20" tall tires.

I’m surprised it’s geared so high as it is a power house compared to my Tomberlin 5hp.

Runs 30mph and will sometimes chirp the tires on take off.

My intention was to get a better motor, but if this one doesn’t smoke, I’m happy.

In the end… If it has a motor or boobs… It’s going to give you aggravation and cost you $$$$$.

[quote=Inwo;26918]I didn’t remove the tray. Being car is lifted, I can see the top. Nothing there.

I counted tach pulses while rolling tires two turns and came up with 8.75-9 ratio.
So it’s 8.9/1.[/quote]

can you tell me about the pulse counter you have ? want to verify motor rpm at speed . did the calc but would like to actually test

GPS your speed - do the math - tire dia gear ratio - etc - 4 pulse’s per revolution and you will come out spot on.

Used a simple “zero voltage” Omron totalizer.
Used a simple transistor buffer to read pulses from pin 14 of controller.

Ordered the motor tach plugs and parts to build a plug-in tach for testing motor rpms, but then sold my Gem.

Rodney’s way should work fine. I’m always looking for the hard way to do things. More of an electronics guy than Gem hobbyist. :slight_smile:

Hope to have another Gem next week if it’s not a scam.:eek:


Hope to have another Gem next week if it’s not a scam.

If it’s the Blue one on Craig’s list they have been pushing for weeks then yes it’s a scam

Luckily no.
I got caught showing it to my brother twice. It was listed again with another picture and I fell for it again. :smiley:

The $2000 one?

No, mine is from a dealer (I hope) in Texas.

Looks like fair condition 2010 flatbed EL with <2k miles.
Every thing I can think of checks out.

LOL that’s not the Blue Gem I was talking about I guess it’s just a coincidence that the one you are looking @ is blue also. The one I was talking about is a Blue and White 08 for 2k. The scammers have been peddling it in Craig’s list for a month or so now.

Just curious what makes it a “scam”?

I actually left a message, before I remembered flagging it on another listing. :smiley:

Don’t know how the truck will work out.
For less than 4K, seems like a deal.
New Agm batteries.
Uship, only < $600 to get it 1200 miles. More worried about that right now.

Once bought a $20k boat this way. Didn’t sleep for a week.:o

If it’s to good to be true on craigslist, google the title.
Shows up all over the country.