What gear ratio

Can anyone help me out my buddy is trying to figure out his ratio on his gearbox

I tried looking but numbers don’t match what’s posted around here
It’s a 2008 e2

I’m gonna Guess it’s a 12:44

Rodney knows all the transmission Numbers

It could only be either a 10:35 or a 12:44 sorry I couldn’t be more help we need to make a sticky thread with all transmission part # and gear raitos

I posted this info in another thread

016-000111= 8.9 to 1 Transmission
0613-00249= 10.35 to 1 Transmission
0613-00643= 12.44 to 1 Transmission.

What Gem is that Transmission in?


He mentioned it’s a 2008 E2. I checked the parts catalog but no luck. That has worked for me with other gearboxes.

It takes less time to measure it than waiting for an answer.
Stick a pin in the green wire. Count the pulses with an analog meter while rolling the car slow and steady.
12 swings in 1/4 tire rotation is 12:1.
Or 48 in a full rotation.

could you explain stick a pin in the green wire for us novices

The green wire on the hall effect sensor at the end of motor is the “pulse” wire.

It sends 4 pulses per motor revolution to the controller. The controller then scales this to mph and sends data to speedometer.

Connect meter black, to black wire or B-
Meter red, to green wire.
Meter will read about 10vdc. (key on)
Mark the tire and count the times meter goes to zero volts, in 1/4 turn.
That is your gear ratio.
For precision roll a full turn and divide by 4.


Thanks for the explanation it is nice of you to take the time for those of us that are technically challenged

I cant pin down the part Number 2008 came with a 12.44 ratio.