Gearbox input shaft

Have a 02 E825 5hp motor and have a wore out splined input shaft, bushing was never replaced and a bad vibration on de-aceleration/ and a bad engagement clunk. gearbox backlash seems fine and fluid was old, but zero metal when removed. any body know where to buy one cheaper before I contact GEM ?? been looking for a ratio number but haven’t found it yet on the case… just bought this car and it seems to have never been serviced by anyone with a brain??? :alien:

I have a take out but it will probably be noisy. $40

2002 probably has a 10.35 - 27 tooth input shaft.

Do you happen to have any new ones and or a kit w/bearings and new seal?? or do you know anyone offering them? Thanks for the used one and I’ll keep that as my back up if I can’t get one?? mine has the 27 tooth gear. I found a serial number tag but does not state the ratio that I can see? probably a cross over off of that serial number?? how noisey was the one you have?? gear whine???

I just sold my last one to Grant West. Yep whined thats why I replaced it. I should have some replacements in about 6 weeks.

Thanks, but I need to get this one going…have a Dive co. waiting on this car for their business wish I had the time to wait?? next one?? had to bite the bullet and get one from GEM:(