Noise in differential

Hello group…I am somewhat new at this. I have an e580 that has a noise in the differential. I have replaced the 2 bearings where the axles go into the differential. I have removed the input shaft and the splines show a lot of wear, one of the bearings seems rough. Does anyone have a good used shaft or perhaps a new one (I can replace the bearings if needed)…rjr

There was a post made about a guy who fixed that issue with Spline Shaft Repair:
(Pictures no longer on host site) :frowning:

Or you can buy a new input shaft kit from Polaris but since your model is e580 (48v system w/ 2.6hp motor) I’m not sure if you differential gear ratio is 8.9:1 or 10.35:1. If its 8.9:1 they don’t have it.

10.35:1 Polaris PN: 2878944
Also replace the resilient bumper that’s inside the female end of the motor. Polaris PN: 5414407

Someone might know where you can buy this from a 3rd party source, I would like to know.

Input shafts for 8.9 and 10.35 gearboxes are identical. Extreemly important to grease splines at assembly also.


I am the new owner of a 2001 e825 with 1650 miles on it. Seems to run fine with a set of new Trojans, but when I let up on the accelerator or coast down hill there is some noise…like gear lash…which isn’t present when going forward. Is this normal? Where is the lube in the differential checked and refilled? Couldn’t find a reference in the service manual. Thanks, folks??

Remove the motor and replace the rubber bumper in the end of the motor shaft.BE SURE TO GREASE THE SPLINES upon reassembly. This bumper takes up slack in the system and curtails coast noise. In some cases the addition of a dime behind the bumper enhances the effectiveness. DO NOT add more than a dime as this will cause too much load and will cause overheating of the back end of the motor. This can melt the tachometer magnet.

There is a black rubber plug in the sheet metal cover in the bottom of the gear box. the oil level should be maintained to a point that it just runs out the bottom edge of this hole.


Thank you so much! i really appreciate your help! Safe driving!!

Rodney, do you have a rubber bumper/bush for 2007 E2 with 5 HP GE motor and how much are new male and female spline shaft assembly as I have a a low speed rumble when lifting off gas?

I have (1) 21 tooth kit available for 12.44 gear box with bumper $167 with shipping You need to count your teeth

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Hi, I definitely have the deceleration noise and would like to replace the worn parts, I think I need the input shaft kit.

I have an older 2002 GEM E825. How do I determine what kit I need? Where do I buy it?

Your 2002 takes a 27 tooth kit. $168 shipped. I have 2 27 and 2 21 tooth kits in stock

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Thanks for the quick reply. I should probably replace like for like and go for the 27. Great to hear you have the kits.

What parts are includes in the kit? Is there a diagram online somewhere?


New shaft, bearings, and seal. $168 shipping included

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Shaft, seal, and bearings. $168 includes shipping.

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Thanks for the info.

Is the seal the same as the rubber bumper/bushing ring that’s mentioned in this thread? I will need this rubber bumper I am sure mine is original and worn.

New ruber bumper is included in kit.

Good morning, any chance a 27 tooth kit still available? Thank you

Available email me $168 includes shipping and bumper