8.9 Gears

Changed from 8.9 to 10.35. Have the perfect set of secondary gears that I replaced for $125 plus shipping at cost.

I am new to the whole electric gem thing I was a gas man for golf carts.Anyways those heard are they stock and if not would I have to buy a new controller and what ever else thanks

Factory stock gears, Depending on what you paired them with you might have to reprogram your controller for optimum performance.

What’s your best price thanks

$80 shipped

How hard is it to swap the gears out

After you have it on the bench. About 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or less if your handy. What is your present ratio?

Here is gear info for GEM axles. The set of gears I have are 26,118 tooth.

You can mix and match to get other ratios. Multiply the primary X the secondary to end up with the final ratio.

Note primary gears are the same on 8.9 and 10.35


8.9 TO 1------27, 53,----26,118------1.96 ------- 4.54

10.35 TO 1----27,53,—22,116------1.96-------- 5.27

12.44 TO 1----21,55,—24,114-----2.62 ------- 4.75

All I know its a 2002 gem e825 no idea what gears are in it

If it has the 5 hp motor I would guess it has the 10.35 gears in it. Check the info tag on the box. It should have model and serial. Your dealer can also find the original installation from the vin number.

Are you considering changing ratios with a purpose in mind? If so what? Adding the secondary set from an 8.9 would gain a little speed and reduce motor RPM (This is a good thing) I blew my 5hp over reving it.

Hi David
Are havê still this gears?

I have a unit that needs rebuilding. i can have it done in 2 weeks.

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