Newbie Mod Questions

Hey guys… New GEM owner here ('22 E6). I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on batteries and performance upgrades. I don’t need anything crazy, but looking for more acceleration/top end speed. Added range is great, but not a necessity.

It seems like upgrading to lithium is the way to go. If I could get 35mph and faster acceleration, that would be great.

@LithiumGods I’m in FL and saw some of your info. Interested in pricing.

Thanks all.

Reprogramming will get you 35mph. @djgabriel2004
For better acceloration, you may need to put in a jail broke motor controller.

Both speed and power require a higher capacity battery, unless 20 mile range will do.

@MikeKC just replaced his controller and is spinning the tires. Let me see if he posted here.

Not posted here - my thread got so off track I dropped it.
But yes, a controller replacement would get you much more acceleration, torque and a top end of 35mph.
I think a stock battery setup would work fine, I installed 60v lithium and I am literally spinning the tires when I take off from a dead stop.

I see that I can’t post your video here. Maybe you can pm it to him.
Pretty impressive.

I dont think Gabe will object. 90% will want the 35mph only. We can help the 10%'ers who like hot rodding. :slight_smile:

Did you test with new controller and lead?
I’m ready to sell a few kits if you are up for it…

Repro will give you 35 mph and everything else oem
Still working to crack the Torque
Everything else will work as oem
If you want more torque you’ll need to swap the controller like Dave and mike suggested

Thanks. Is this something you could do one at a time? Meaning… do the controller first to get the acceleration and torque - and then do upgraded battery if/when I wanted more range?

Yes, and the reason I asked MikeKc about any testing with lead.
So you would know what to expect.
We would need to partner on this one. I build the kit, but do not have a new gem here to test.
Mike needs to come up with a good running file.

Being an early adapter, we may need to do some fine tuning.
Be aware that this is reversable. Reinstalling oem controller will take you back to stock.

Where are you in FL? You are welcome to drive mine and see how the upgrades work

I’m in Celebration (Orlando). Where are you?

I’m in Naples. Up in Orlando occasionally

What’s the cost of doing a new controller? Thanks

Lg is reprogram. New controller kit is more money, near $2k

There are 2 parts to this. First is to increase speed. Next to increase power, we can program in more power but with lead batteries the results are minor. As soon as you add lithium the gem can get the power it néeds, there is a noticable gain

Ok… what are we looking at cost wise for each step? For my non-engineer brain…

To do the speed and power upgrade on your equipment is about 1500. Or you can swap out controllers from Inwo for even more power and performance, about 2k