Acceleration R4F 2008 T4

I recently acquired a 2008 GEM, added R4F motor and their tires 185/60/R14, Put fresh gel batteries and its running great. Are there any settings on the controller that need to be updated for the tires from stock GEM. All of my controller settings are factory, just trying to optimized performance ,flat driving very few inclines.

nothing needs to be changed . what is your top speed ?

38-39 mph, looking for a little more acceleration to get to top top end. I didn’t know if there was a setting like Rolling Radius or Controlled Acceleration settings that would accomplish this. I have GE sentry software and T4 controller. Not looking for any more speed, it is plenty fast enough, just acceleration. All of my settings are currently stock. I have been doing a lot of research on this site just not brave enough to mess with anything without some expert advice. The Gem was given to me so $3700 i have invested in new motor, tires and batteries , I think was a pretty good investment. Very interested in the lithium upgrade next but for my knowledge level ill have to wait for a drop in solution.

What diameter tires do you have?

22.76 inch Diameter 7.28 wide

Nothing will change acceleration much . controlled acceleration is how fast you controller goes to full power . It happens in like one second but you can make it quicker . You probably wont notice any different . You are doing great at 38 mph . Only thing to make it quicker is lithium . We are working on a drop in solution now .

Yea, im real happy with 38 bc i get great range with it. The roads are curvy around here but flat, so i need a long stretch to get up max speed. i didnt know if re-calibrating for the tires would give it better acceleration. My gf tells me i am having way too much fun lol

What air pressure do u suggest? Running 40psi currently.

30 psi …

I run 35 psi on mine

    1. Whatever it takes…

I am looking for a “plug-n-play” lithium option. I have a 2009 E2, I drive on city streets 2 miles, to and from a golf course, 4 miles total. I obviously also play golf, adding another 6 miles. I have gel batteries and the GEM is strong. R4F motor, 14x6JJ wheels, 35mph on a flat street. I live in Las Vegas. Can you notify me when you arrive at the EZ drop in option?

sounds like your Gem is working for you , why do you want to do a lithium upgrade .

Range, i love riding in it. Dont need more speed just range. I get 20 miles round trip with the new batteries… just being greedy lol. I drive it everyday just bc . But a plug n play lithium solution id do if cost effective for the range

My GEM is modified so I can drive “safely” on a 35 mph road. Cars drive 45 mph. I have multiple elevation changes on my drive.

I want to drop the weight of my gel batteries, in favor of lithium. I want to make the conversion for a longer life, lighter and better power supply.

I would like to have the freedom to drive my GEM, in the neighborhood, after golf… like a NEV, without concern of conventional lead acid/gel battery deterioration and playing golf the next day without issue.

I am retired. I play golf everyday. My wife plays golf.

My batteries are 1 year old, and running strong. I am planning for the future, near or far.

My GEM, will be my vehicle for the unforeseen future… because I can, and have altered it to drive 35 mph versus manufacturer requirement of 25 mph. Because I am going to own this GEM for a long, long time… I do not want to invest in old technology.

So when were you thinking about a Vegas Vacation?

Got a trip booked to vegas sept 18-22 for saints vs raiders game monday night football, love my Gem …lithium upgrade would be for range only.

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Thank you for the reply. I am sure you have heard, maybe not… no fans at Raiders home games this year… from Mark Davis! Brand new, state of the art stadium and no fans allowed this season. Yikes!!! Also, I could not open attachments, but you have my interest… uploaded video to youtube.

Yes i heard about the no fan part, we are still contemplating cancelling… will be a last min decision

Good video, great speed. Raiders vs Saints… bummer. Stay in touch. My thoughts, if/when you are interested, is you supply me with parts, pieces, cables, etc that I would purchase, you would arrive and provide expertise and installation. I would pay for expertise and installation or some other financial arrangement. Stay in touch…

LithiumGods… do you personally know, or do you have knowledge of another proven “plug-n-play” option available out there somewhere? I see/read of multiple transitions from lead acid/gel to lithium by different people experimenting with this process. Looking for a proven “plug-n-play”.