Anyone Running something diffrent for a Motor?

Was looking for something different/custom to run in my 06 GEM. I am going to upgrade the controller and simplify the system to more of a Go fast and stop setup. Was thinking Warp9 or a converted Forklift motor.

Anybody working on this or done this, care to share the issues of weight, mounting plate and spline adapter if not Female 19T. ect…

Best to change the gears to 8.9 and a 7.5 motor from Marlon or R4F.

Your standard motor is Rev limited as is the fork truck option. Just changing out your 12.44 to 8.9 gears will give you reliable 35MPH performance with your present motor.

The 7.5 performance motor with the 8.9 gears (My set up) will give you over 40 MPH. More with larger diameter tires.

Roy Yarbough wants to climb hills and wants to trade his 8.9 gearbox for a 12.44.

Marlon and R4F will include controller programming with their performance motor package.

Just curious as to why you’d go this far?

Might be an interesting engineering challenge of course but with all the upgraded motors available from several sources and different gearing coupled w/ controller reprogramming, I’d think you could get about anything practical you wanted performance-wise short of “totally insane”. At some point don’t you have to consider the ability to stop, steering, legal issues, wheel size and endurance, safety of driver, etc?

Unless you’re going for a pure dragster performance over very short distance or some form of one-off show stopping vehicle at some point something is going to “break” and at speed that can kill you. I saw a GEM for sale on the internet a few years ago that was converted to gas via a motorcycle engine with a gear box and shifter. The owner claimed they could get near to 90mph but that seems pretty crazy to push a piece of hardware that was designed to go around 25mph. Of course I’ve also seen crazy videos of lawnmowers doing 45-50 mph, snow throwers built with short block Chevy engines throwing 4’ snow over 100 feet, jet powered cars and trucks racing airplanes so why not!! People build all sorts of crazy stuff.


Nev acessories has a Think with a AC motor. They bought the car converted. To AC
They can tell you more about it. I have seen a local company that sells motor packages from company’s like this Electric Motorsport

They have brushless motors and speed controllers. I’m pretty sure you need to switch out your battery system as well. They have motors that are as high as 45 HP

I have one of Marlon’s 9.6hp motors… it’s probably overkill for the GEM car but the price was right… I’m just a driver don’t know ac from dc… the 9.6 motor gives me speed when I need it


Where is the best place to get the 8.9 gear?

hi stevenarita and welcome… I’d try Marlon… &… sent a note to both… text him at 619-247-4044 or call after 6pm PST


i want a 9.6 hp motor for my gem car from marlon how can i get in touch with him?

Tone the information on Marlon is posted right above you question