2016 35Mph Transmission

Well Rodney’s 12:35 Transmission Showed Up.

image image

The Stock transmission gear ratio in a 2016+ gem is 17:1 that’s crazy. Rodney sells a complete transmission with NEW lower gears that work out to 12:35. The lower gear ratio is supposed to allow the car to go 35 MPH.

Hey this reminds me does anyone have any information on the update where the dealers rubber mounted the transmission I guess owners were complaining about noise and vibration and the factory fix was to install rubber bumpers where the transmission mounted any information on this would be great

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Hey Grant what’s the cost for the Tran. Does he take yours as a core or just straight up buy his?

Troy. the one I got requires NO core. So it’s a bit more contact Rodney for a Shipped price. rodneyadiehl@aol.com

Grant, you need to do a review of Troy’s Pmac.
I can put his program in a Sevcon controller.

Dave What??? You can put a program that makes a PMAC motor work in a Sevcon!!!
What the !!! That’s amazing if this is true all bets are out the window.

Even so the 2016s 17:1 transmission is a joke. That transmission will kill any high performance motir

Correct, you need higher gears to use the Pmac motor.
I have not seen Troy’s gem run. He claims it is working good less regen.
I can’t recommend it until someone checks it out.
Also his is in a legacy model gem.

Rodney was nice enough to Email me a copy of the Transmission Isolation install directions.
Rodney is it ok if I re-post the directions .

Wow a 35 Hp PMAC. I think you would need the Real tall gear transmission like the 9:1 that Rodney has to take advantage of the High Speed. I bet that car would do 55mph no problem. I have to get with Troy to see if I can help in any way to help move the PMAC forward

Please do. He must have 100 hours in it! And that’s just the phone time with me. :slight_smile:
It might be necessary to convert to 72-100v or tuning could be different.
Also, I recommend using a new controller. I think Gem gets $2k for replacement.
Wiring/plug is mostly the same. Power leads and motor/sensor wires.
A few other details such as throttle and F-R needs wiring. Once someone did it it should be easy.
I would be the guy to do it as I don’t use my new Gem, but it’s looking less likely every day that I will be up for it. :frowning:

Hey Grant: Looking forward to your assessment of the lower ratio tranny!

Were not allowed to post copy righted material. Private email is an alternate method.

Yes it is a new mount bracket design that incorporates the rubber bumpers. If the vehicle has a lot of drive-line noise, a Polaris dealership can warranty the new mounts. If the warranty is passed, Polaris could still cover the part but that is a case by case basis. It affects Gem years '16-'18.5.

Nate that’s great info I’ll contact my local dealer to see if and what they can do for me

Ok I wanted to Report Back. Rodneys 12:35 Transmission is installed and works great.

35MPH as promised

And combined with the transmission isolation
(Sound Dampening) Transmission mounts the noise is NOT a issue. I will edit a complete video that includes a DB meter and road testing to show Stock cabin noise levels compared to New 12:35 Transmission and then cabin sound levels with the Dampening kit installed. Here are some early Numbers

Stock transmission with 17:1 gears 79 DB @25

12:35 Gears installed =80-84 DB@ 25

12:35 Gears installed with sound Damper transmission mounts 79-80 DB

Here is what the Vibration and sound dampening transmission mounts look like

Great Job Rodney this one is a win!

Is that with the stock motor at 48V?

Yes Car is 100% Stock. Right now it’s a Stock 48 volt car. Soon to be like yours 80+ Volt 20+ cell with 8k AC motor

Not much progress today. I have a new controller in the 2018, but it’s an 80v and a 48v car.
One more thing to try before flashing the oem controller. A small possibility that the speed can be boosted in the oem.

Dave what’s the Highest voltage you think a stock 2017 (48 volt car) can accept?

Example Do you think you think the cars controller/contact ect could handle 60, or 70 volts. It would be interesting to see if a higher voltage battery pack would boost performance and range like what it did for the classic gems

Max Voltage on a 48v is 69.6v.
You would likely need a new contractor and a new DC/DC converter as we talked about before.

Just checked and the DC/DC will goto 60v before you need the 72v version.