Gearbox conversion

Is anybody interested in working with me on a SCHAFER transmission conversion for current model GEM CARS?

I am still building 12.3 gearboxes and isolation mounts for current units.


I need one for a 2018 E2 that Grant has. Car is new. I think that you need a new model for testing. :slight_smile:
I’ll ship it to you cheap. It needs a new home. (with Grant’s ok)
This is a fast car running on 72v. Sounds like a jet engine though. Can you fix it?

2018 blue gem

ps. Not safe over 25mph. I would not drive this car at 50mph without a roll cage,

As long as I have your attention. Did you get a T1-T2 kit from me last time? Or cancel?
Thought I made some extra and can’t find them.
In any, I just made a couple to fill an order.
As they are a pain to make and r4f gets $120 I’m trying to get $75.

For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a simple cable to plug a T1 dash into a T2 controller.
I also have a LX handset for T1 or T2 if any interest.

I would be interested in any testing with quieter gears than the current 12:44 gear box in my 16’

Let me know what you thinking - I am likely in

Hey Rodney/ why would you want to play with the Shafer? The spicer was a more quiet transmission. Why wouldn’t you start with that transmission


DANA SCHAFER SPICER are all the same gearbox.


Yeah I got it…


Is alignment ok Some of these are way off. In rear also.

I want to do this for 3 reasons

1 Quiet

2 10.35 available which would make 40 MPH with out programming,

3 Make money

Do you have isolation mounts? See Grant West Video. Big noise reduction,

I made my own - insulated both the housing and the mounts, rubber bushings just like on yours, or close.
But then I drive an 08’ and it is totally silent - that is what I want.

I would like to stick with 12:44 as I am running the 8KW motor - but let me know your thoughts on what you have planed. I can email you if you want.

Would like to see your setup

Rubber washers quieted my 2018 el quite a bit. No room for full isolation, but didn’t remove anything to put them in.
Sent a set to Grant for the E2. If they aren’t effective, will need yours.

I will see if I can get a picture tonight- I used stake board bushings, they fit perfect. You can get soft,med,and firm bushings. I think I am using med.

How much can you lift gearbox? I could lift less than 1/4".

If my 1/4" thick washers are not enough cushion needs another solution.
Rodney has it covered when changing gears.
This is a way that needs two holes drilled, but no disassembly.

Don’t forget , the mounts are in tension and compression as you accelerate. and decelerate, The mounts have to be fail safe (thru bolted) in case of rubber failure. If the bonded mounts that are shown fail, your power unit can become detached. Not a good thing.


The skateboard bushings will slide right in with your stock bolts, they raise the gears just less than 1/2" and are bolt thru as Rodney mentions.


The skate board bushings (pair) are made to support and give the trucks flexibility of somewhere in the range of 80 to 200 pounds. Using a 17 to 1 gear ratio Torque places a load on the mounts well in excess of that. Depending on the motor it could be twice or more of that, Please let us know how your set up performs.

Note: My mount only adds about 1/2 inch to height. it is fully contained.


Post a picture Mike. A very neat setup’, impressive and simple.


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I could not get 1/2" lift without 1/2 shafts bottoming (pulling) out. Have you checked? I thought that you offset the mounting ears to result in zero height change.
If there is not this accommodation, it’s no different than Mike’s method.

Yes, there must be a method of containment with rubber failure.
The original 4 bolts will remain in place. Locked in place without contacting the moving parts.

The only advantage is to add more isolation without disassembly or height change.