2017 35 mph install video

I apologize in advance this the video is 15 mins long, BUT I did video the complete process including testing of all 3 different configurations. Stock, vs 12:35 Gears VS 12:35 with vibration Mounts.

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Hi Grant:
I’m currently out of country and will return back to La. in mid-March. In the intervening period, my plans are to order a 2020 GEM e2 in time for it to arrive upon my return. In that connection, I’m planning on upgrading to Rodney’s 12.3 transmission gear package. Based on your work, I’m also very interested in the 8KW motor & improved battery pack you mentioned are part of your testing with your 2016 model.
Assuming your upgrades will retrofit with the 2020 model, it makes sense for me to factory order the lowest priced battery, motor and tire options. This is in anticipation that they will be replaced with their upgraded counterparts.
In planning for these events, I’d be very appreciative if you could please continue to share the results of your testing on the motor and power package. These updates will greatly help to properly configure my upcoming factory order.
In the meantime, please let me know how I might help with your efforts.
Thanks in advance and I look forward to learning more about your progress with these upgrades!

Well if your Intrested in all the Upgrades Dave May be able to help you with all of them.
He has a 2018 E2 with full hard doors that has under 300 miles or less. He is using it as a Test Vehicle to develop the 8k motor and other fun stuff. Talk to Dave before you buy a new one. He may be able to build you a car with everything you ever wanted for less then you would buy new for.

Thanks for the reference as I’ve reached out to Dave. Any updated status on your upgrade implementation since the last video?

I’m building my Battery right now. I’m waiting on 2 more cells to finish my pack.

What’s the part number of the isolation mount kit.

I bought the Isolation kit from Rodney. He mods your Stock mounts so they look and work like the Stock $500 kit.

but Rodney does it for less… I should add to @grantwest post

Oh. I thought it was a polaris kit as u said in the video.

The video shows Stock (no isolation mounts) and then the $200 Rodney modified Isolation kit. Rodney sends you some Modified stock mounts and you send him your stock ones as Core’s

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