What mods have you done to your 2016+ GEM?

Intrested to hear what mods have been done thus far.

Lift kit, speed mod, wheels, etc? Throw out what you have done and better yet post some pics!

I bought one just for testing.
So far I’ve parked it in the garage, removed the hood, (It has removed 4 belt loops from my jeans) then stared at it for a very long time. :grin:

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RS E6 was nice enough to put some wheels on my Gem :slight_smile:


Nothing yet but am interested in what’s possible…

love those wheels. what size rims?

These are 17 inch wheels01616_gayByrRoqFP_600x450

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Hey Itsrixster: what wheel adaptors/spacers did you use on your 2016 with thoes wheels?

Orignal Gems Used a 4x100 bolt pattern. And the new gems use a larger 4 bolt pattern. Looking to put wheels on myn just wondering what u used

Just installed the Ride-for-Fun 12.3 gears and quiet kit. Holds 34/35 on level ground and gentle hills. Speed does drop to 30 on a couple of the steepest hills here in Sun City, Texas. Otherwise, very happy with performance.

The down side is, it screeches like a banshee during acceleration and coasting, even with the quiet mount. Does anyone have experience with wrapping the transmission with sound insulation or insulating in front of the firewall or under the dash?

Battery life may have dropped off just a little. I have the Distance AGM batteries and the 6.6kW motor. I still seem to get around 45/50 miles on a charge.

Got my trunk at Tractor Supply Co - very cool!. I am super pleased with everything. Next year, we are going to have to register and license all NEV’s.

Anyone have info on painting or wrapping graphics on the doors? If the doors can be painted, I would like to air brush my own graphics. I think I have heard of a plastic coating that needs to be removed. Any info will be appreciated.

Thanks for the Reply on the 12:35 Gears.
That sucks that the new gears whine. What do you think the 9:8 (taller gears) sound like?

What did you pay for the gears and transmission isolation kit. Rodney made his own transmission isolation kit.

I have yet to install my 12:35 transmission from Rodney

I paid $699 for the gears and $499 for the quiet kit. The noise is getting a little better as I wear them in, but still too loud. I’m going to experiment with wrapping the transmission and firewall with some kind of noise insulation and possibly adding more rubber where the quiet kit mounts to the frame.

I plan to crank the stock motor up from 6800rpm to 9500rpm in my 2018.
Do you know if the noise is from the new gears or from the final drive train, running faster?
Most of the needed parts are here. The Gem motor has been tested in another platform running 9500.
Hoping to make Grant do it first. :slight_smile:

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Dave how do we get the Stock Motor to spin 9500 RPM

I believe the noise is from the new gears, as it is quiet when coasting but noisy when accelerating or especially when the breaks are applied.