2016 GEM E4 making odd motor noise

Hello- Never posted here however have been a member for a few years and enjoy reading about GEMS.
Mine is 2016 with around 4K miles. I installed new factory batteries (same type which came in this model) less than two years ago. The GEM runs good with no codes however it is developing a weird grinding noise at speeds above 15MPH. Not sure what it is and I don’t feel comfortable ignoring it.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated

Thank You

is there any noise below that speed?

A quick video would help us.
have you checked gearbox oil?

Hello and Thank You for replying. I actually took a video yesterday however its to long to attach so I will do another this evening.

The noise is mostly at top speed and comes on after letting off throttle. Also comes back throttling up to 25MPH

Have not checked gearbox oil, I was not aware that was a thing. I would check it if I knew where it was, unfortunately I purchased this GEM used and do not have any service or owner manuels.

you can upload it to YouTube and post the link here.

I remember the old ones were making that noise when the input shaft was gone but I never seen a 2016+ with that problem. the fact that I never seen it doesn’t mean it can’t happen :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll ping Rodney @Old_Houseboater, he’s the Gearbox guru.

maybe this can help ?
Isolation mount for 2016 up - GEM Forum - Electric Forum

Thank You -

If you would ask him how I check the fluid level I would much appreciate it

Thank You - Unfortunately my mechanical abilities go no further than checking fluid levels.

As I’ve thought more about this noise it occurred to me that the noise has always been there it just seems much louder now. That said I’m not sure if this noise is typical for GEMS. I’ve owned this for about 18 months

2016 Gearboxes were VERY noisy. Does yours have transmission Isolation mounts? Usually gear noise doesn’t change, If it is worse you may have a problem. The transmissions on these cars usually dont require the oil to be checked as they are lubed for the life of the vehicle. Check for any visible leaks or dampness. Luck


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Thank You- Not sure if there are any isolation mounts. I do not notice any leaks.

Guess I will continue to use and accept what I hear as normal.

Thanks to everyone for your input

Isolation mounts will definitely help, Like Rodney says, They are noisy.
a video would help us to determine if its normal.