2018 GEM E4 Noise

Hey Everyone, Quick question please? 2018 GEM Noise

Can somebody assist by explaining this noise after accelerating and before pressing the brake pedal please?

Is there any way to remove or lessen this noise?


Michael G

That is a new one - don’t know that I have ever heard that noise…
Almost sounds like CV joints binding up?
Have you put it on jack stands and tested it? Might help if someone was trying to pinpoint the source of the noise while testing.

I was thinking it might be the trans coming loose and bumping around in there as it bounces off the speed limiter.

I agree that jacking up the front end and running/observing it in place may reveal something.

Thanks Guys,

I thought it might be the speed limiter as well but now its getting excessive.
I will take your advice and try the jack stands and have someone pinpoint the exact area.

Thanks Again, Cheers!


Not blaming the limiter itself, but more the effect of the limiter pulling off/applying power. If you can duplicate the same noise by varying the throttle pedal then we are on the right track.

If motor is loose the effect will be less when jacked up since the load is far less than running on the ground.

The flood of small cameras is a great tool for this. If you have a gopro. strap it onto something under the hood, run the car around the block and review footage.

While you are down there check your oil level in the gearbox. Maybe even change/add a little bit.

Sounds good, thanks!

Yes, i have a Go Pro that’s a great idea to use while driving.

Noticed you’ve posted before with issues.
Has car been running good? Still 25mph? Speedometer working? All stock gears etc.?
We have learned a lot in the last year.

Good Morning,

Yes, driving pretty good, everything is stock, 25+ mph.

I’m going to top off the gear box with fluids later today and see if that lessens the noise.

It might be a tumor.

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Speedometer fixed? All good but the noise?

I believe its part of the Regen, however I agree that the noise seems a little bit too much, I would suggest checking the gearbox oil as well.

I am completely novice but I have a similar sound when slowing down or reversing.

Is it not one or both of the CV joints going bad? Are there any signs of grease leakage or deterioration to the rubber boots attached to the end of each front CV axel?

No, I reinstalled the original speedometer, it still jams here and there. That’s next on my list…

This week i want to better the noise issue, no leakage or deterioration showing. Checking the gearbox
fluids i hope will assist, thanks guys!

I repaired the one Mike sent you.

Awesome, nice job! Yeah, that was a bummer it didn’t work when i had it. Sounds like it went to the right person.

Once i noticed it might of been opened prior, I got a little nervous, haha!

You guys have a far better memory than I do…:slight_smile:
Forgot all about sending you a bad speedo. Came with the car and I had never looked closely at it.

Seriously, seems like a long time ago. I appreciate you trying to assist my issue Mike.

Please let me know if you learn any more info regarding this noise issue - Unfortunately, I have the same issue!

Maybe similar, but your GEM is designed completely differently than the AC drive one the OP has.

For your year / design vehicle, if it’s “barking” basically the moment when you let off the accelerator, it’s probably either the spacer bumper between the end of the input shaft and the bottom of the motor output shaft (collar is more like it, as it slips over the differential input), or the input shaft on your gearbox is worn and has a lot of slop and needs to be replaced along with a new bumper.

I’ll attempt to take a video and post here

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