My “New Body GEM” 2016

Well I can’t believe it. I was able to get a New Body Gem. It’s a 2016. I never thought I would own one. When they first came out I thought they were as Ulgy as hell. But over time they have grown on me. This one came along and With lots of help from Dave here on the Fourm I was able to swoop this one up. It’s got 1400 miles on it and in great shape. I just picked it up today so I don’t have to much to report so I’ll just start with photos. I am so happy with my 2013 Lithium Gem I pretty much have nothing left to do on it. It’s such a awesome machine, I thought a 2016 Gem with the AC motor would be the next logical step in my Gem journey. Dave has a 2016 E2 and we said we would work together on getting these cars going faster/better/longer range. So I’m excited to start to figure this new modle out.


So what’s the Scoop on the Taller Gears, I have heard that taller transmission gears will make this car go 40+ Mph

Looking awesome! Is this the new thing coming up? If so, that IS exciting. From what I’ve read about gears is they’re noisy and kill warranty. I could live with that for 40 mph in a new one. Btw, the look is growing on me too, but I still really like the late model classic style.

That’s nice I’m almost positive I saw that for sale up north. I wanted a new one too, I think they look nice. It will be interesting to see what you guys can make them do? Love the look and the doors.

Hey Hbbill: where did you read about gear Noise on the new cars? I would like to check that out and read for myself. For me gear Noise a big Deal killer, I hate gear whine!! Just kills the vibe of a nice quiet ride.

This is what Rodney says about gears. “12.3 =33 Mph 9.3 =40 Maybe. Reccommend 12.3. 9.3 gears are tough on range.”

Let’s see what Rodney (the Transmission Guru) says.

Dave: what say you? Gears are not gonna be a easy replacement? & if they make the car loud or more gear whine, I could see that would be just enough right their (gear whine) to tip the scales for a Electronic speed alternative. It would be cool if the Speed hack, was something the dealers could not void warranty over.

Troy: Yes the guy I bought if from was a forklift reseller. He bought the Gem at auction.
It was bought pretty close to me and serviced local. The car is in great shape.

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Hey grant, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of my info on this site. When I was looking for my new cart, I researched the new ones and decided I wanted the familiarity of what I was used too. Turns out, big changes on the older hot rodding scene from r4f motors and reprogramming. So still learning, I’m loving my volt conversion right now and will be watching to see what you can do to break that 25 mph limit.

Are not taller gears more quiet? Maybe the noise is from the output shaft speed. Nothing can be done about that.
Is your gearbox rubber mounted? Mine is not. A recall or fix if you complain?

Nice ride Grant.

Was that the one for sale in SF?

It was for sale in Scaramento

Thanks, I think I just had the cities mixed up - I remember it being quite near me one way or the other. The thing looked mint from what I recall.

Ok after taking it for its first of Many 20 mile rides. The range seems great. The SOC gauge in the dash said 33 miles range & when I saw that I was like “That’s BS” this thing ain’t going 30 miles. Well I think I was wrong. I think the SOC gauge is pretty accurate & that’s great. Even with all the hills the gauge seems to adjust to the cars voltage and report back a estimate of Range in miles that’s better info then Battery % like older cars have so that’s a big improvement.

The car is SLOW SLOW SLOW. Super mellow ride & smooth or “slow take off”
You stomp your foot on the gas and it’s a smooth not slow take off but what is to be expected of a stock car. It gets to 25 Mph pretty quick & then the FUN IS OVER. Example your on the flats. You stomp the gas it gets to 25 and then it’s like it over shoots it’s own governed speed and then quickly go’s into regen. Yup u get to 25 quickly & then the car says Whoops to fast! & go’s into regen :frowning: you look at the dash like what’s wrong. You see 25 & roll your eyes. Lame for performance guys or people not used to having a limit. But I can see this is how gem gets 30 miles range out of these cars. Limit take off speed and amps limit top speed, limit take off speed and amps. It all adds up to amps out and extends range. But it does Nothing for the Fun or Smile factor.

The car is USLESS on most of the roads I drive on because it’s so slow. I have to stick to back roads where people will not drive over the top of you. So this car is gonna need to speed up if it’s going to be as useful as my 2013. No way would I think of driving the car to the store. Yes it’s great for around the hood or down the street but so is a golf cart and I don’t golf or ever intend to.

The Brakes. They are Intresting. They are real re-gen brakes. You step on the brakes your putting the car in heavy regen. It’s a different feel compared to a mechanical brake that I’m used to. You hit the brakes and you can hear the motor change pitch you can defiantly tell the difference when the mechanical brakes come into effect.

Start up: the key works like a regular car. The key has a OFF, ACC and then a Turn To Start. Yup it clicks forward and then springs back just like a regular car, the dash lights up and the Speedo (that go’s to 80) and is mounted in the vent of the dash and reminds me of the MINI is very easy to read cycles all the way around and then back to Zero when you turn the key (takes much longer) from the time you turn the key and drop the E Brake till you can get going compared to a normal gem. I would say it’s a full 5-9 seconds from the time you turn the key and drop the brake till you can actually move. And you don’t have a loud click or clunk of a Solenoid clicking in like a normal gem telling you “it’s go time”

The car feels more solid and smooth. Feels like it’s a softer ride but has a bit more body roll. Has a wider interior feel. The front window feels wider and the viability seems better. The Headlights tail lights and turn signals and the dash controls are a Definite upgrade. Works and feels like a car vs the traditional gem is like a toy. The floor space is WAY better. The floor is totally flat You don’t have the hump where seats mount. The seats are on a stand and if your in the rear you can slide your feet under the seat in front of you. Makes for way more leg room. The seats are different and I’m on the fence weather they are better or not. The are more curved, not as flat bench like as normal gem seats. The seat belts feel better. They don’t go straight across my neck like traditional gem belts.

The metal interior structure of the car is cool, it reminds me of the FORD Think. Example the frame of the car uses channel or slot aluminum. You can mount accessories (like grab handles) or Mounts in this slot or run wires threw the slot. Gem runs wires for the Interior lights threw this slot and then uses a plastic trim to cover the slot or wire so u can’t see it, It’s a cool quick way of mounting things or running wires with out having to drill a hole.

Doors are Metal and slam shut just like a car. But they sound hollow & rattle, differently then plastic gem doors. They just need some Dyna Mattt or stick on sound deadener on the interior side of the doors & they will be 100 times better. The interior door handles are cool and are integrated into the handle you use to pull the door closed. I like them.

That’s all for now I’ll keep reporting back.

Be careful sliding into the drivers seat. The door pin is perfectly positioned to rip off belt loops. I never learn and have 4 pair of jeans missing a loop. :frowning: And I only drove it about 5 times.:astonished:

Body roll is very bad on E2. I had a deep-V river-jet boat that “keel-walked” exact same feel.

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1 belt loop down Already. Yesterday I heard a rip and turned around and thought dam the door latch caught my pocket, I turned around and yup belt loop gone! LOL LOL

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I’m going to bring my 2013 home to the city where I can try out and test the public charge stations with my JS1772 plug. + I need the room here for the New Gem

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Pretty funny how Polaris will charge you $300 for a Small piece of curved plastic that they call a rear window.

This is A REAL Rear window. From the factory is a $400 option. Big ol curved frameless window. I’m so used to the original gems and how they have a thick frame and small window compared to this. I guess things like this is what make the car feel like you have more visibility. The front window is the same. Window side to side and a very small frame.

Funny, a known problem?
Guess I’ll make the switch to suspenders.:slight_smile:

Traitor ! You have gone to the DARK SIDE !

I need a trailer like that. I still rent from Uhaul. Gah.