Looking at doing the conversion to a 20s, anyone recommend a good BMS?

Just wondering if anyone has purchased a BMS for a 20s lithium conversion and can recommend it. Looking for one with bluetooth connectivity and think about 400A would do?

It sounds like you haven’t been keeping up on things around here?

Current fave is the JK BMS, Rated 200a/400 peak.

What are you putting together?
What car is this going into?
Why only a 20s?

JK now offers a 600A BMS (with the use of an external relay), up to 25S

I saw that too!
I was going to look into it more.

I have one, just have not had time to hook it up - Tesla 25S

I’m looking at two of these in series: https://batteryhookup.com/products/lg-36v-7-9kwh-lithium-ion-ev-module

Where are you getting them (the JK bms)? Do you have a link?

Thanks! I saw them there.

These look like the Bolt cells