24 S Lithium Chevy bolt Daly vs ANT BMS

I bought a 24s Pack from @LithiumGods, I’ve hooked everything up with a 300A ANT BMS and it’s working very good, I didn’t have chance to do big testings because I have another things to fix fist before start hammering the pedal, however I found a good deal on a 400A Daly BMS and I pulled the trigger.

Look the size of that thing (use the battery cells to compare the size) I’m impressed with the quality, it looks very Robust compared with the ANT one

I will install it during the weekend and I’ll start Testing it

@Inwo @LithiumGods do you think it’s an overkill?

Can’t hurt. Is that a new model? I haven’t seen a 24s 100v+ smart bms.

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Found it, I think.
84v model which is 100.8v max.
Not clear on how it is set up or displayed.

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Daly has an excellent reputation . It is a little overkill but that is fine . I like the fact that it is waterproof . Remember to hook up big battery cable first Before you connect the balance leads . Does it have bluetooth ?

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Yes, New model with with Fans for 3.7v li ion

I like the fact that is waterproof too.

Yes it has Bluetooth (an external module)

I don’t have nothing bad to say about ANT bms but I wasn’t expecting this quality on the Daly.

Do you have a link to that? I need the fan setup to keep the BMS cool when trying to balance my Telsa battery…

Do they use jst-xh connectors? 2.54pitch

Looks like all the China bms have switched to 2.0mm connectors.

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