Lithium Discharge

I was looking into getting a lithium pack but since I have a motorcycle I will only be getting a 60amphr pack at 72 volts while my motor is a 11kw continuous (so around 150 amps at 72V). I was wondering what C I can discharge from a lithium pack and keep high cycles up to 1.5 to 2k cycles? The pack says max of 3c (GBS) but I saw a chart somewhere that if you draw 2-3c it lowers the life significantly from what it could deliver cycles wise. So I was wondering if I could use this set up or would just have to down size motor, If I was to keep motor and pack couldn’t I just lover the amperage on motor controller to top out at like 2c, would that be bad for the motor to run at 72 volts? Or would I just have less torque?