I have emailed a couple of Lifepo4 battery suppliers in China and I could use some help replying to one. I inquired about a 72 volt 55 ah pack. I know that electric motorcycles require a higher discharge rate than ebikes and that’s what I need. What would be an ideal C rating for an electric motorcycle? Below is the email I received. How should I respond to these questions? I am still learning alot about this stuff so help is greatly appreciated.

Hi David,

Thanks for your inquiry on our products.

I have to inform you that we do not make single cell with capacity of 55AH at present. Instead, we use small cylinder cells connected in parallel and serial to get large capacity. We built more than 10 battery packs of 600V200AH with 18650 model cells (1.1AH) for Shanghai’s e-buses which are running on the streets.

It’s no problem for us to provide one sample pack to you if needed.

Please provide the following information which will be helpful for us to decide what kind of cells can meet your needs:

  1. Your application with the battery;

  2. Max. discharge current and continuous discharge current;

  3. charge current;

  4. Environmental temp range;

  5. cell’s temp rise allowed;

  6. total voltage and capacity for one complete pack;

  7. dimension and weight limit;

  8. potential order amount and object cost

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

Jerry Yue
Sales Manager,
Add: No.88 Huatong Rd, Wangting Town, Suzhou, JiangSu, China 215155
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I am working with a manufacturer in china, that has a verity of batt options in larger AH capacities. I am using 24, 3.2v, 50ah, in a 72V system from this manufacturer.

You are correct, the C rating is much lower than other types of batts. If you want a faster discharge rate, I would suggest looking at the 123A batts. You will have a pile of them but a faster C rating.

Look on the evalbum website. Lost of guys that have built bikes, and is a great place for comparison. Also look at Electric motor sport. They use the same batts as I am in there production bikes.