Ezip 400 upgrade to Lithium Lifepo4

So I thought I’d upgrade the ezip 400 scooter from lead to lithium batteries. Original were two 12V SLA batteries. I got two LiFePo4 that have same Ah rating but the scooter cuts off after few seconds as load increases. Do these lifepo batteries have some kind of internal shutoff circuit and cuts off power when current draw is too much? But they’re rated the same as the SLAs. I’m new to lifepos so have no clue, any help will be appreciated.

Yes, they do. Do you have the rating info?

What specifically? There is some information the picture of the battery on the battery.

Here’s a link to the lifepos sale page:

It doesn’t list peak discharge that I can see, but current is listed as 8-10amps.
Not much current to work with.
LiFePo4 are generally low output unless specifically for use in EV.
So I would say, they are not rated same as SLA battery.

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Not much information out there.
Found this, but I know a 10ah sla can do much more:

Yeah I figured the lifepos couldn’t match the discharge rate of the SLAs. Thanks for your help!

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