Ebay LiFePO4 48V pack, any good?

The standard voltage:48V(10%undulation)
The standard capacitance:20A(10%undulation)1/5C
The rating electric current:30A
The momentary max electric current:60A
Initiative protection actions electric current:40A(5undulation)
The standard charge electric current:2.5A 10hours
The quickly charge electric current:5A 5hours
The standard charge voltage:61v
The batteries weight:9kg


I’m pretty sure that is not enough current to work, but I’ll figure id ask anyway. I’m working on converting a midsize car(2500 lb stock) with 9 inch dc motor.

eek! no! Sorry, but there are so many things wrong with theses batteries.

$340 Starting bid, $100 shipping??
China. dont buy anything from china unless it is straight from the manufacturere so you can ensure you get what you paid for. Warentee etc
-Ebay seller
A new one, only two sales… not good
-Duct tape!!
its held togeather by duct tape!
-Made for scooters
Not well suited for full size vehicles, 20A aint gonna do much more than power your vacuum pump and radio.