Dc motor amp help =[

Ok say I am converting a motorcycle( a gsxr) and I am using this motor - 72volt
Power: 11500w
Voltage: 72
Torque: 315lb/in
Loaded Speed: 2800rpm
No-load Speed: 3700rpm
Current: 200A
it will be at 72 volt and needs 200 to 160 amps. The litium batteries I am looking at only provide 50 amphr with 2c so effectively 100 amphr. So I will have the 72 volts with 23 of these in series but will be lacking 60amphr 160-100=60 or 100. Is this really bad? or will the motor still run enough? I am looking to max at around 55-60 constant so I can commute around town 50 absolute min. So I was thinking like 4 to 1 or something gear ratio. also like ~30m range
also say if I just decided to double my pack(somehow) I would be able to hit these number easy right?

The 2C rating on the batteries is the continuous use value that the manufacturer recommends you stay under. You’re right about wanting to limit your current to 100 amps in that case. Many Lithium cells have 3C ratings, so you might look around for those. I believe headway cells are 10C. Your motor will still run, but your battery life will be short, and you could over heat the batteries if you are drawing over 100 amps continuously. I really have no way of guesing your range except with my car I have about 5 times the battery capacity and I get over 80 miles range at 80%DOD. My MG Midget weighs 2,000lbs, and has to have a larger Cd than your motorcycle will have. I suspect you can get 30 miles of range. You should look for other electric motorcycles and see what range they claim, and what size pack they have.
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