Lack of charging stations like owning an electric car without the keys

Picture the scenario, governments have invested billions of dollars, corporate businesses have been encouraged to make the switch so why is there such a lack of funding for charging stations? A lack of charging stations is like having an electric car without the keys, absolutely useless! Are governments serious about electric cars? Despite the fact […]


This is tricky - its like the chicken and the egg situation, what comes first?

Or a car without petrol :slight_smile:

Since it takes 4 to 8 hours to charge an electric car to get 100+ miles where would you put these charging stations if even 10% of the cars were electric. 1 petrol pump can deliver enough energy in 5 minutes to travel 300+ miles. Reality: If you buy a pure electric car you should expect to stay in the range of you home charging station. IMHO Hybrids will prevail.

I predict the inability to transfer energy quickly will be the ultimate limiter on the amount of pure electric cars in the vehicle transportation pool.

I hear the UK will open an electric car charging road lane next year which will recharge EVs on the move? Just wondered what you thought of that?

I think your hearing is way off.

There are a number of articles recently published on the net:-

The UK electric charging lanes under test for EV projects - The Hoops News

I am not sure about the details or how they would work in the rain, etc but at least it is getting people talking.

It would have to be an induction system. Feasible but not economically viable.

Also, who would pay for it?

Tax payers and road users - as always!