How far away is your nearest charging station?

As we see more and more electric cars on the roads perhaps we now need to look more closely at electric car charging stations. How far away from you is your nearest car charging station?

There are six in the county I live in. You can locate charging stations in your area with either of the links here. I believe they both offer smart phone apps too.

Electric Vehicle Charging by ChargePoint

My nearest charging station is about 1 mile away and is operated by the local council. They seem to have introduced electric car charging stations without promoting electric cars, strange!

My nearest to the east is about 17 miles, to the west 28 miles. Unfortunately many of the chargers are at dealerships. It would be nice to see more at stores, malls and places where you are more likely to spend some time.

What would you do to increase the number of electric car charging stations? It is tricky, do we put the charging network in place, at great cost, and hope ev sales will follow, or do governments and companies wait for ev sales to pick up first.

A classic chicken and egg situation - which comes first?



15 mile at least…