Is the UK government doing enough for electric vehicles?

Nissan and an array of other electric vehicle related companies are now placing pressure on the UK government to “do more”. When you bear in mind the already significant financial incentives offered by the UK authorities what more should the government do?

Education, education, education - simple

This forum is now international in scope. This question and others like it are just as relevant in the United States. I

As of now Google can be used to search for charging sites. This information is always behind and changes daily. This is because sites are being added daily.

However: in the scheme of things there aren’t many yet.

I always see the US government as leading the way (at least from afar) - is this correct?

Maybe. But right now HyBrids are showing up more often. Pruis, Volt, Ford, Toyota versions are common. Pure EV’s are still scarce. We have 1 charge station and it is monopolized by our areas only Leaf.

Are hybrids the short to medium term future for the EV market?