Majority of new UK cars sold will be electric by 2027

The Go Ultra Low campaign backed by the UK government has released a report this week suggesting that the majority of UK car sales will be powered by electric batteries by 2027. This is a big step towards the UK government’s target of all new cars being powered by electric by 2040. We have seen these forecasts before and while there is no doubt that the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK has increased dramatically, is 2040 too soon?

Will the issue of electric car charging stations and the cost of charging become a greater problem the more popular electric cars become?

We have heard all of this political clap trap before - they need to put their money where their mouths are. Perhaps start underwriting additional investment in EV charging networks as the US government is doing?

At what point will the road tax be added to the electric charges?

Good question Rodney - many consumers think the subsidised EV story will continue forever but at some point consumers will need to at least contribute to the industry in the form of tax - probably a road tax as you say.

Well, if they build those charging parking spaces with pads and charging lanes as they say, i guess it would be fair to pay for using these. I strongly believe, it will be way less expensive than buying gas, diesel, oil and all those filters every time!

I always smile to myself when I see such wild forecasts which are a decade away lol

Once momentum picks up then the change from ICE to EVs will be very quick but it is any ones guess when that may be. Is there one big event which might prompt this change?