Are electric vehicle chargers the next growth industry?

In many ways electric car technology jumped to far too quickly leaving behind electric vehicle charging systems which for many years have been totally inadequate. There has been major concern amongst motorists around the world that even the most technologically advanced electric vehicle would be unreliable if you are not able to charge it when […]


Here’s a little food for thought.

  1. Look at the number of gas stations in your area.

  2. Look at the number of cars that fuel up at each one of these stations each day.

  3. Each visit to a gas station lasts from 4 to 10 minutes. A single pump can fill 40+ vehicles in 8 hours

4 A full tank of fuel lasts 300 to 450 miles.

5 A single charging station takes 8 hours to fuel an electric car.

  1. A charge lasts 100 to 200 hundred miles.

  2. I believe that the rate of transfer of energy, from the producer to the consumer, will be the ultimate limiting factor in the growth of the EV industry.

  3. Do you not think that HyBrids will evolve as the ultimate solution? In the time I have left on earth I do. (However: I’m older than dirt)

What say you?