Have hybrids had their day as a stepping stone to electric vehicles?

A recent interview by Danish car designer Henrik Fisker cast a very interesting light upon the hybrid market. The well-known car entrepreneur who is making a comeback from bankruptcy has been talking about his love of electric vehicles and his scepticism regarding hybrids. This will come as a surprise to many people who have seen […]


Hybrids were a good idea. They were used like a bridge. Instead of jumping all the way into an electric car you just go half way because the technology is not really ready for a full assault on regular traffic conditions. But they will wind up as a side note in car history documentaries or maybe even forgotten.

I think by the time that happens they will have played a major role in the development of the EV industry?

Until we see 400 mile range EV’s that can quick charge in 15 mins or so I think we’ll see hybrids or “Extended Range Electric Vehicles” (pretty similar really) stickin around.

Don’t think so. My girl friend sold hear Leaf when she downsized. Kept the SUV. Actual range on the Leaf was 80 miles here in Florida. She went from a Prius to a Leaf to the SUV.

At this point in time and for the foreseeable future you are correct. Not everyone can afford an unlimited range vehicle and a second EV for daily commute. Until I can have access to quick charge, I am not getting out of my home range with EV.

The technology to charge in 15 minutes is solid but think of this.

You can fuel a car with 350 miles of energy in 5 minutes. Can you imagine the size of the energy stations to provide the same level of service that the gas stations provide today. You would need 3 charge outlets and parking spots for each of todays gas pumps.

The average gas station has 10,000+ gallon or larger (times 3) storage tanks which store 200,000 miles of fuel minimum per tank.

The infrastructure to accommodate high charge rates for a high volume of customers is mind boggling.

Ain’t gonna happen baby.

Recent news is that Volvo is going Hybrid and Electric 100%. Most other auto manufactures have plug in Hybrids in their lineup and are expanding production as we speak.

The pure Electric will be a percentage of production but the Plug in Hybrid will be mainstay far into the future.

What say you?


You have put forth very compelling arguments, and I agree. There is also a third parallel design track. Either electrified vehicle route like EU trains or non-contact energy transfer may be possible in the future. Currently the battery energy storage to weight ratio is not favorable for personal vehicle use. We may also see enough design improvements in fuel cell and natural gas vehicles to shove electric to back shelve. At the end of the day, the dream of stopping oil production is not going to happen. 52% of every barrel of oil is used to make plastics, carpet and etc. We are actually in the midst of a design flux.