Why is it always jam tomorrow with new battery technology?

Interesting article here about Samsung but when you read the article in depth, this new ground breaking technology is not going to be available until 2021:-

Why is it always jam tomorrow with new battery technology?

Fast charging is possible and technology will improve it further. However the infrastructure to provide the high charge rates to more than a few quick charge capable vehicles, at the same time , in the same place is problematic.

The energy supply for an electrical charging field for 20 cars simultaneously charging at high rates requires significant equipment and electrical capacity. Big investment dollars! If we project this out to serve the optimistic projections of some of the production forecasts it will require a complete upgrade of the power generating industry and distribution network.

Generation of power will still be primarily fueled by fossil fuels despite the increase in wind and solar availability.

I’d like one of you experts to take the gallons of motor fuel used today, convert it to kilowatts, and tell us what the effect on the Power Generation Industry will be, if 30 percent of the automobiles in the United States were Electric.


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I would be interested to see this calculation as well.

I presume this will be the excuse the authorities need for an EV tax - a fund raising exercise to raise money to upgrade the power system?

Road taxes are needed to build and maintain the roads we drive on. Electric cars wear the road surfaces the same amount as fossil fueled units. There ain’t no free lunch. IMHO you will be taxed at the charger outlet.

I presume it will be the US that will break new ground and introduce a specific electric vehicle tax in the short to medium term? At the end of the day, the ongoing reduction in oil taxes (due to the falling price and potentially lower demand going forward) will need to be replenished somewhere. If electric vehicles do maintain a mass market position then it would make sense from a government point of view to raise new taxes?

Have you noticed how governments around the world encourage, invest and promote the use of new technologies and then hit you with taxes!

Whether this is right or wrong from a commercial/moral point of view is debatable!