Charging ststion

I cannot find a commercially avaiable charging station. I am writing a proposal and I need to include this. Any help. I would imagine it simple. a 40/50 amp 240 volt smart charger with 240 plug and a “pos” (point of sale/ credit card swipe) machine that turns the thing on. completely unmanned.

Does this not exist?

Maybe I need to write a different proposal

No such animal to my knowledge as there is no demand for them yet. I am an electrical engineer and a couple of my colleagues and I have brain stormed the concept of what it will take. But for right now the battery technology does not exist yet to make it viable option.

What is needed is a revolutionary jump in Lithium or an unknown battery technology like super capacitors to be able to fully charge it in 5 to 10 minutes. However such a charging station would not be able to operate with a single phase 240 volt service, nor would the public be able to operate it. If you look at some of the EV’s out there like Telsa, they have a 38 Kwh battery. To deliver 38 Kwh in 5 to 10 minutes is quite a large high voltage service, and basically requires a electrical sub-station using 3-phase 13.8 KV or higher. No way can this be made for public use for self serve.

When and if EV’s become reality the concept will be something like a gas station, just electric. You will pull your vehicle up onto a steel platform, the customer exits the car and goes inside a protected area like a store to buy coffee, cold drinks, etc while the attendant connects the cable and starts the charging process. When done the customer then pays like you would any other gas station.