Help me design a Public Charging Station

I am a student Industrial Designer from Sydney, doing my final year design project on designing a public charging station for electric vehicles.

You can help me greatly by telling me all about what you think of electric vehicles, chargers and public stations.
What would your ideal street charger be like?
What would you love to see EV’s be able to do?
What could be improved with chargers you use now?
What do you like about the existing chargers?

I have been researching all the different chargers and charge-stations around the world and will be designing the next generation of public charge station.

If you would like to contact me directly, you can on


Adam Long,
Sydney Australia

I am currently running an indiegogo campaign to setup 50 fast charge electric stations in Spain. I also have an electric car. I’ve Made considerate homework on how to set them up.

Please look it up in the Indiegogo site. The name of the campaign is 50 electric car fast charge stations.