Electric vehicle charging stations

Hi all,

I am a Product/Industrial design student from England and in one of my projects I am looking into redesigning/improve on the design of electric charging stations.

Could you please replay with experiences you guys have when using publicly available charging stations. Any experiences and annoyances and improvements would be greatly appreciated !

I am looking to target my EV chargers at work places or ones that are publicly available such as shops.


Don’t know if you are still looking for input, we recently ran across this article and thought it was just brilliant!

When Is A Lamp Post More Than Just a Lamp Post?

The answer – when it’s a V-Pole! According to an article on the Vancitybuzz.com website (V-Pole. A Wi-Fi, Electric Vehicle Charging Lamp Post of the Future | Vancity Buzz | Vancouver Blog), the V-Pole (V stands for Vancouver) is designed to be a multi-functional installation that will help clear the clutter from urban landscapes.

The concept was unveiled in mid-May at the New Cities Summit in Paris. The design combines WiFi data and mobile wireless phone service with wireless electric vehicle charging, a neighborhood bulletin board and an LED street lamp. A low wattage box the size and shape of a Rubik’s cube inside the V-Pole eliminates the need for boxes full of wires and switching equipment, making it sleek and visually appealing.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says of the innovation, “Vancouver is a leader in urban innovation and we are always looking at ways to stay on the sharpest edge of technology. The V-Pole is an example of future-driven design for cities that we are excited to see.”

Now this is what we call multi-tasking!

Where has in America Charging Stations for Electric Cars?

[QUOTE=shalom3345;12627]Where has in America Charging Stations for Electric Cars?[/QUOTE] Try this site to find charging stations… Electric Car Stations | Find Electric Charging Stations

[QUOTE=shalom3345;12627]Where has in America Charging Stations for Electric Cars?[/QUOTE]

Even you can find here the available electric vehicle charging stations in California.

Hope this will help you.

Here are two popular sites. You can locate charging stations in your area with either of the links here. I believe they both offer smart phone apps too.

Electric Vehicle Charging by ChargePoint


Hi TJackrel

I just spotted your post about multifunctional lamp posts - this seems to be a great idea and the fact that electricity is already supplied to the lamp post light should make things a lot simpler?