Charging stations

I am aware of two charging station locations in San Diego. One at a Costco and one at a mall. I took a swing by the Costco location and it is still in place. There are two HONDA style and one Chevy style.

My question… Are the car jacks/connectors available so conversion folks can use the charging stations around town?


I know that Solectria used (uses?) the same system on their electric cars that’s offered at Californian charging stations so you could probably check out their website or contact them about this.

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[I]Im new to EVForum, probably because I do not own an EV -(mainly because I cannot drive yet!) but I am involved with a project in and around London, UK, designing a new and improved system for charging EVs…

I am really looking for peoples opinions, problems, worries and issues relating to charging EVs at home, at work and generally out and about.[/I]

Are there provisions where you live for people that drive EVs?
Whats are they like? Are they signposted?
Are they secure? Do they cost? Who provides them?
Do you have offstreet parking (a problem faced by many owners in London)?

Good and bad experiences when charging your cars?[/B]:):(:mad::eek:

I would be very grateful for any time you can spare to drop some information on this thread. Hopefully it will help in my design work and ultimately have more people driving EVs,

Thanks very much,

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The fancy charging systems were used by GM, Chrysler and other major car manufacturers that were forced to build EVs under the California ZEV mandate. Regular conversions, as well as the heap of garbage G-Wiz you have in the UK, all recharge using a regular power outlet. Some stations in California run off solar energy, so it would be a good idea to look in to that. The only EV I own is a bicycle that has yet to be complete… one day… one day I’ll drive an EV car… one day…

I am a student researching into charging issues for electric cars.

Do you think a ‘Battery rental system station’ is a good way to help the use of electric cars? (a place where you could possibly pay monthly and rent new batteries when needed to change)

This would help my research if I could get a range of views Thanks

The battery rental/replacement idea is already being implemented by an entrepreneur in Israel. The idea is picking up speed and some stations may be put into place in Denmark.


Isn’t it strange how Israel is taking more environmental initiative than the United States even with its profitable oil industry?

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here I found an idea, how used batteries could be replaced immediately by fresh charged batteries corrosponding to the rental system which was discussed before at this forum:

What do you thing about it?

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It’s a brilliant idea, but it’s practically a copy of the concept demonstrated in the video I linked to.

GGT Electric vehicles charge in any 110V or 220V outlet. There are more outlets then there are gas stations in the world. Convenience is right at your fingertips.

[ame=]YouTube - ‪GGT Electric- Scout Electric Passenger Van‬‏[/ame]

Good and bad experiences when charging your cars?

inSan you can check this website it tracks chargers in your location.Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on map - Find EV chargers